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100% Visual Grease Identification…Done Correctly - L.E. Launches Clear Grease Guns

Fort Worth, Texas—The position of Lubrication Engineers, Inc. (L.E.) as ‘The Lubrication Reliability SourceTM’ for the global industrial marketplace has been further strengthened due to their appointment as the global distributor of Clear Grease Guns. These patented clear grease tubes allow users to have 100% visual grease identification, therefore avoiding costly grease cross contamination errors. Grease guns on the market do not allow the grease to be seen meaning that proper grease identification is not possible. The clear grease tubes provide a simple, cost effective reliability solution to eliminating grease misapplication mistakes. The dedicated Clear Grease Guns website provides customers with detailed information on this exciting new reliability offering from L.E.

Clear Grease Guns

LE Clear Grease Guns
The tubes are available with a variety of assorted colour end caps. Colour co-ordinate the grease gun tube with the grease points in order to eliminate mishaps, thereby creating multiple forms of positive identification. These anodized end caps are constructed using T6061 aircraft aluminium and colours include: Silver, Blue, Gold, Black, Red, Green & Purple. The tubes themselves are made from high impact, fracture resistant polycarbonate and use the thread pattern 2.280-16UNS (non-standard).

Clear Grease Tubes fit many existing grease gun models & are available to help modernize existing equipment. Converting existing grease guns is simple & cost effective for customers. However, L.E.‘s Clear Grease Tubes will be available to purchase with a quality pistol grip and a lever style grease gun.

Lever Style Grease Gun
Variable stroke with cast iron head, includes 12” whip hose & 5½” steel extension. Maximum pressure of 10,000 psi. Loader Nipple, 2 year gun warranty and recommended for grease up to NLGI 2.

Pistol Grip Grease Gun
Maximum pressure of 5,000 psi, includes 12” whip hose & 4” steel extension, multiple loading via cartridge, suction or bulk, comfortable one hand operation. 2 year gun warranty & recommended for grease up to NLGI 2.

“The difference that these simple & cost effective reliability products make is totally clear! L.E. has already received a huge level of global interest for the clear grease tubes from businesses that have realised how accurate grease identification can easily & quickly reduce their maintenance & operating costs - resulting in increased corporate profits. Expensive grease misapplication errors will be a bad memory after converting your preventative maintenance & reliability teams to clear grease guns. If you can’t see what is in your grease gun, it’s not grease identification it’s grease assumption,” said Scott Schwindaman, President, Lubrication Engineers Inc.

Clear Grease Guns: Simple & cost effective, more than just a tool - it’s a solution!

Lubrication Engineers Inc, USA has been a leader in lubricants since 1951. L.E. manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of heavy-duty, premium quality lubricants formulated from the highest quality select base stocks. These lubricants are manufactured under an ISO9001 certified quality system at a state of the art plant in Wichita, Kansas, USA. L.E.‘s objective: increase your profitability. L.E. products are designed to increase profitability through: longer equipment life, extended service intervals (reduced lubricant consumption), energy reductions, reliability (less downtime), fewer repairs (fewer parts & less labour) as well as less inventory (multi-purpose products) L.E. lubricants & reliability products are available worldwide (outside USA, Canada & Mexico) through L.E. International AG’s global network of over 60 distributors.

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