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Allied Reliability Highlighted as Model ‘High Impact Company’ in National Report

“Our growth is simply the outcome of consistently focusing on meeting our core objectives,” says Allied Reliability Founding Partner John Schultz of receiving this honor. Schultz goes on to outline this successful combination of core objectives as: “being the employer of choice for people who share our passion to succeed, being the reliability partner of choice to the marketplace, and being the investment of choice to the financial marketplace.”

The Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy study “Accelerating Job Creation in America: The Promise of High-Impact Companies” released in July focuses in on America’s paramount concern: the economy and jobs - what companies are creating jobs and thus stabilizing our national economic climate.

The study builds upon the provocative work of economist David Birch entitled “The Job Generation Process”,2 which posited that small businesses create the most new employment and later sharpened this identification in by isolating job creating companies as “gazelles”, thus differentiating them from “elephants” and “mice.”

In this latest study, “Accelerating Job Creation in America: The Promise of High-Impact Companies”, Researcher Spencer Tracy identifies young, (five to 16 years younger than average firms), innovative, agile, efficient, and productive organizations like Allied Reliability as “responsible for generating nearly all net new jobs in the US Economy from 1994 to 2006.”1

The goal of the study is to “update and expand our knowledge about this unique class of firms”, and with this knowledge, investigate “the role high impact companies may play in helping to accelerate job creation through the country.”1

1 Spencer L. Tracy, Jr., “Accelerating Job Creation in America: The Promise of High-Impact Companies,” US Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, Washington, D.C., July 2011,
2 David L Birch, The Job Generation Process, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Program on Neighborhood and Regional Change, Cambridge, MA, 1979.

As to why Allied Reliability was selected as a featured High Impact Company, Tracy explains, “As part of the study, the federal government requested that I feature nine high impact companies from across the country. I selected Allied Reliability because it possesses key attributes of America’s high impact companies: innovation, expertise, leadership, and perhaps most importantly, scale and growth.”

About Allied Reliability: Allied Reliability designs and implements a customized, integrated approach for identifying defects in assets utilizing Predictive Maintenance (PdM) and Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) services and has developed an innovative method of reliably measuring Return on Capital Investment in Asset Management.

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