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AMRRI Hires Bobby Kennedy as a Lubrication Technical Consultant


“I enjoy meeting new people and building processes that help them do their job better and make their plant run better” says Kennedy.

Kennedy spent 6 years in the United States Air Force and comes to AMRRI with 6 years of experience as a mechanic.  Most recently, he was an Industrial Mechanic with SunCoke Energy, leading their lubrication program.  Prior to that, he was an aircraft mechanic in the private sector.

Bobby attended Missouri University of Science and Technology and is level 1 Airborne Ultrasound Certified and MLA2 certified.  He received the Air Force Achievement Medal for work as a Flying Crew Chief on C-9 Medevac Aircraft in Japan.

“Bobby’s experience, coupled with his ability to go into a new situation and access and build a program makes him the perfect addition to our team. We think Bobby is the right person to help handle the demand that we are experiencing, said Mike Johnson, President of AMRRI.