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Anglo-American Partnership Combines Technology to Help Drive ‘Build Back Better’ Movement


The partners, US-based Digital Twin expert Cityzenith and NeuerEnergy – powered by UK-based Aqovia, a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital solutions specialist, have joined forces to show companies and districts the path they must take to meet net zero goals.

“The United Nations (UN)-promoted Paris summit was a bigger game-changer than many realize, but the pandemic has renewed focus,” explained NeuerEnergy CEO Muhammad Malik.

“Until recently, a company’s primary aim was profitability and shareholder return. Now it must also include stakeholder interests and sustainable development goals in the balance of governance.

“So, in addition to shareholders and investors – who now have to invest responsibly and sustainably – it must also consider societal impact and stakeholders including national and local governments and citizens.

“So, anything from a multinational to a small local company, whether based in a poor, developing, or rich nation, must assess their current operations, physical assets and create a movement seeking transformation towards national and global targets as part of the UN’s 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development – especially and including actions to address the climate emergency, which aims to keep the global temperature rise this century below two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

“This was already a massive undertaking, costing trillions, but potentially many trillions less than the fallout from an unchecked global temperature rise, causing widespread natural disasters. And it has gained new impetus from a post-Covid-19 ‘Build Back Better’ movement, which is where we are now with NeuerEnergy and our new partnership with Cityzenith,” said Malik.

“Speed is the key: Covid-19 has both interfered with but must now necessarily accelerate the renewables process.

“Using our AI expertise and Cityzenith’s Digital Twin 3D modelling our platform simulates and predicts the pathways that clients must take now and in future – everything from whole energy, water networks and cities down to districts and individual buildings.

“Rather than tying customers to in-house systems, we and Cityzenith also operate a ‘we’ll integrate anything with anything’ approach, fostering speed plus flexibility and allowing live simulation according to which ‘sliders’ are moved on the model.

“This is especially vital at the early stages of planning and maximising operational efficiency of assets with life spans exceeding 30 or more years.”

NeuerEnergy and Cityzenith will now co-operate on a sustainable operating framework for various sectors, including health institutions and large-scale renewable energy infrastructure across the US, Europe and Asian regions with cumulative capital expenditure exceeding billions of USD.

But Cityzenith CEO Michael Jansen said: “We can go much further; this is a dream team made for the much-discussed ‘rebuilding after Covid-19’ arena highlighted at July’s G20 summit.

“It also fits Cityzenith’s newly launched Clean Cities – Clean Future mission: UN data shows cities produce 70+%* of greenhouse gases globally, a shocking stat that has now motivated us to offer our SmartWorldPro Digital Twin software free of charge towards transforming key cities, one at a time.”

NeuerEnergy has also raised its profile by presenting on Monday (16 November) at the UN75 – Sustainable Engineering in Action virtual summit, promoted by the Institution of Chartered Engineers as part of this year’s United Nations 75th anniversary celebrations. It will follow-up at the WindEurope (formerly the European Wind Energy Association) summit in Hamburg (Dec 1-4).


About NeuerEnergy

NeuerEnergy is powered by Aqovia, a UK-based international Artificial Intelligence and technology company, applying innovation and developing platforms for complex transformation across various industries and sectors.

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About Cityzenith
Cityzenith is based in Chicago with offices in London and New Delhi. The company's SmartWorldPro2™ Digital Twin platform was created for anyone designing, constructing, and managing complex, large-scale building projects, properties, and real estate portfolios. Find out more at

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