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Association for Maintenance Professionals Creates Working Group Framework

Taking the best lessons from current associations, social networking and collaboration sites and advice from AMP Advisory council members the following framework has been created:

1) Working groups should be established to meet a specific goal (AIM) that contributes to the maintenance reliability community. A written 500-1000 word summary should be submitted to AMP for approval and announcement to general membership.

2) Within the first 90 days, roles and responsibilities (RACI), an action plan and budget (if any) and funding source (if any) should be developed to meet the AIM. Copies should be supplied to AMP for publication.

3) Outcome descriptions should be developed to recognize what the AIM looks like when achieved. Copies should be supplied to AMP for publication.

4) A timeline and milestones should be developed to estimate the period to AIM achievement. Copies should be supplied to AMP for publication.

5) A 500-1000 word summary report of outcomes should be supplied to AMP for publication.

6) The working group should disband after AIM is achieved - there is plenty of good work to be completed so move on to the next working group.

Concepts and topics for Working Groups developed at the November Advisory Council meeting included:

• PAS55 to ISO Asset Management Standards
• Power Transmission/Generation-NERC Regulatory Maintenance
• SAP Plant Maintenance
• MP2
• Maintenance reliability certifications
• Local AMP Chapters
• Funding AMP

These ideas are not all inclusive and are meant to illustrate some of the possibilities for working groups. Members who are interested in discussing ideas for working groups are invited to send an email to  

The first Working Group (AMP E53.10 Asset Management Standard) working group has been created to ensure that the US maintenance reliability community has input into the new proposed ISO Asset Management based on the British Standards Institute PAS55. AMP has become a voting member of this working group.

Although AMP includes over 50% of its membership outside the United States, due to the country by country format of the International Standards Association (ISO) this working group is limited to USA residents and organizations. AMP does not anticipate future working groups to have geographic restrictions.

A detailed announcement about the AMP E53.10 Asset Management Standard working group will also be released today.

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