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Bentley Completes its Reach   ̶ Year in Infrastructure Conference Showcases Innovations

First up was Siberian Power Generation Company presenting their RCM2 project based on The Aladon Network’s Reliability Centered Maintenance methodology (RCM2) and Bentley’s AssetWise Ivara Asset Performance Management software, the program optimized plant maintenance, improved asset reliability, and reduced ownership costs. Project manager, Dmitri Savaleyev cited savings of $1.5 million per annum.

Next, Scott Piech, from ArcelorMittal USA presented their World Class Equipment Reliability Project. A pilot run at the Burns Harbor Hot Strip Mill,  achieved a total savings of USD 2.1 million over 12 months through avoidance of unplanned downtime, energy savings and improved efficiency of corrective work performed during plant shutdowns. WCER’s rollout in 10 key areas nationwide produced cumulative savings of more than USD 14 million.

Last up was Jon Osborne and Eddie Launhardt from ScottishPower, a division of Iberdrola, who achieved certification on the British Standards Institution’s Publicly Available Specification for the optimized management of physical assets (PAS 55), in part, by using AssetWise Ivara Performance Management software to drive a daily proactive process for operations and maintenance to . AssetWise Ivara provided an automated consolidated source of daily data required to derive key performance indicators. To date, savings include 36 percent reduction in operations and maintenance costs, 22 percent increase in plant availability, 52 percent reduction in plant forced outage rates and 10 percent reduction in insurance premiums.

And the winner is…  ScottishPower. An independent jury of 3 awarded the prestigious Be Inspired award to ScottishPower in particular for their focus on process safety, reliability, and risk management. They stated that “ScottishPower has become today’s benchmark for good asset management.” With intelligent integration of mobile devices, live dashboards and continuous improvement combined with cultural and leadership elements, ScottishPower has built a sustainable program, understood at every level of the organization.

APM Summit: ISO 55000 as a Business Strategy

The APM Summit at Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure was, timely enough, focused on the upcoming international asset management standard, ISO 55000, with several industry heavyweights including  Terrence O’Hanlon, CEO, on hand to discuss and debate. Terry delivered a thought-provoking keynote on why we need asset management and standards, and challenged the group to think about connecting asset management to operational excellence and that the long term view creates short term success.

Russell Hodge, Principal Consultant, Head of Digital Asset Management, Capgemini Consulting U.K. took the stage to delve in to the topic of getting top-down, executive-level support and Bob DiStefano, Chairman & CEO, Management Resources Group, Inc. provided a straight talk on what ISO 55000 is, what it isn’t, how and why it may be adopted world-wide. He provided several examples of ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ and ended with recommendations on what leading companies can do to prepare for adopting the standard.

Energy company ScottishPower, shared their vision and process in attaining PAS 55 certification. ScottishPower was the first power generator and the second company in the world to be certified on BSI Publicly Available Specification 55 (PAS 55:2008), which benchmarks best practices in asset management. Brian Flett, Global Practices Lead, Bentley, closed the event, adding that Bentley users have the ability to act early leveraging the Bentley APM software and methodology aligned with the new industry standard. All agreed that the right mix of people, technology, and information management was required to achieve the asset management system that would be successful in attaining certification.

 With almost 700 in attendance, I tried to meet as many people in this evolving industry that is bridging the divide between the CapEx and OpEx world.  And the very nice people who work for Bentley know how to put on a show. I hope I get an invitation next year!

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