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C-Cubed launches PocketLube Handheld Predictive Maintenance Tool

The entire range is based around an ultra rugged and waterproof handheld unit with a high quality colour touch screen display, which takes readings from an accelerometer, easily positioned by the user using a magnet mount, giving instant diagnosis of machine faults such as bearing wear, instability, out of balance, misalignment and looseness.

At entry level, for those new to vibration analysis* *there is* PocketVibrA Lite*, which allows data collection at the touch of a single button. This can be fully upgraded to *PocketVibrA Pro,*C-Cubed s full asset management system with trending of asset data,alarming, automatic report generation and graphical display of multiple frequency spectra. And, for the vibration expert there is the top of the range* PocketVibrA Ultra* adding 0.3 Hz resolution from 0 to 15 kHz, user selectable filters, local storage of
readings in RFID tags etc.

Available to buy separately or as an add-on are *PocketBalancer, *giving simple to use rotor balancing and the NEW* PocketLube *which uses vibration readings to determine correct lubrication levels.

Click here for more information on C-Cubed Ltd.

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