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Des-Case Introduces IsoLink™ Oil Transfer Containers

The IsoLinkTM Oil Transfer Container is the first oil transfer system that offers a complete best practices solution for contamination control when transporting oil from storage to equipment. With this offering, Des-Case now helps reliability and maintenance professionals prevent contamination at every step of the lubrication process—storage, transfer and in-use.

“Until now, there have not been many compelling options for lubrication transfer into a customer’s equipment that do a good job of preventing contamination,” said Brian Gleason, CEO of Des-Case.  “IsoLink not only offers the market a new and significant choice for this step, but also presents far more benefits to users than any similar product on the market.  Coupled with Des-Case’s line of desiccant breathers and fluid handling products, IsoLink goes a long way toward helping customers attain their reliability goals.”

The IsoLink Oil Transfer containers provide:
• The dispensing lid is the centerpiece of IsoLink’s design and is available with desiccant or non-desiccant breathers for best practice lubrication.
• Durable containers feature a space-saving square design that stores 27% more volume per square foot than round bottles and are available in three sizes - 1 gallon/4 liter, 1.8 gallon/7 liter, and 2.6 gallon/10 liter.
• The completely sealed trigger mechanism has a specially designed spring that applies the perfect tension, isolating the oil in the container.
• Ergonomically designed handle with trigger-enabled precise pour control and trigger lock mechanism for operator convenience.
• Options include modular spouts in eleven colors and a full range of pump and spout accessories.
• An attached spout cap prevents contamination during oil storage.

Jon Haworth, VP of Product Innovations and Operations said, “IsoLink closes a large gap in our product portfolio, enabling Des-Case to be a total solution for every critical point of the lubricant’s life- keeping oil clean from the moment it arrives and is stored at a facility, during transfer and handling, and while in-use on equipment.”

The IsoLink containers will begin shipping on September 1, 2015. Orders can be placed immediately through Des-Case’s extensive distribution network, private label distributors and OEM partners.

About Des-Case Corporation

Headquartered near Nashville, Tennessee, Des-Case Corporation manufactures specialty filtration products for industrial lubricants. Founded in 1983, the company markets a broad array of products designed to help companies make equipment investments last longer. Des-Case has worked with some of the world’s largest companies, both directly and through partners. Its trademarked and patented solutions are marketed through an extensive distribution network, private label distributors, and OEM partners. For more information, visit or call 615-672-8800.

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