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Earlier this year, the manufacturer unveiled a Drain Port Adapter Kit that served as the connection between industrial equipment and filtration systems that replaced multiple technologies on industrial equipment. With the new option, customers can now tailor the kit with a more durable oil level indicator that features a sturdy, steel protective outer sleeve, offering more protection for equipment in high traffic areas susceptible to accidental bumps and knocks.

“Our adapter kit was well received when we launched it in the spring because it simplified lubrication programs,” said Michael Powers, vice president, sales and marketing, Des-Case. “In the past, companies needed numerous system modifications with components from multiple vendors. We think maintenance teams will appreciate this new upgrade and its more rugged design. It will give customers one kit that is adaptable to their application, no matter how abrasive the environment.”

The original drain adapter combined multiple, useful components—including an oil level indicator, sample ports and a free water sight glass—all in one port location. The oil level indicator also vented back to other Des-Case fill port adapter kits with desiccant breathers, allowing for both an accurate measure of oil level in the reservoir as well as full equipment protection.

Additionally, a quick connect plug is included for easy linkage to a filtration system. The kit can still be modified according to the tank connection size, oil level indicator size, sample port types and sight glass to easily view free-standing water.

When purchased with Des-Case fill port adapters, the company offers a ten percent price reduction on the drain adapter kit. For more information, customers can click here or call 615-672-8800 to speak with Des-Case technical support.

About Des-Case Corporation

Des-Case is a leading provider of contamination control products and services for industrial lubricants, helping improve lubricant quality and maximizing equipment reliability. Headquartered near Nashville, Tenn., the privately held company helps customers transform their lubrication program with a focus on Detection through Des-Case’s Lubrication Transformation? Services, Prevention by utilizing Des-Case’s desiccant breathers and Removal through Des-Case’s offline filtration systems, depth filtration and vacuum dehydration. Des-Case serves a broad geographic reach through its extensive world-wide distribution network, OEM partners and private label partners. For more information, please visit or call 615-672-8800.

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