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Egar Tool & Die Installs Industrial Innovations Lubrication Systems

This solution is capable of mixing and applying the thick, emulsified lubricants often needed to process today’s advanced strength steels.

“A plant-wide system delivers multiple benefits,” said Industrial Innovations president Troy Turnbull, “Users get consistent and ample lubricant delivery as needed to each press, a reduction in lubrication and waste hauling costs and little labor cost. Realistically, we’ve found that many of our customers can cut their lubrication costs by 50-percent through use of a plant-wide system.”

The Egar solutions consists of a Pro-Mix V Double Lubricating System capable of mixing two different lubricants of varying blends simultaneously and all the piping needed to deliver the lubricant to the presses. There are six Spra-Rite pedestal systems, inclusive of patented Z-Drip nozzles, located at the presses to regulate the volume and placement of lubricant at specific areas of stamping or drawing tools and the stock.

Industrial Innovations is a leading manufacturer of industrial lubrication equipment for operation in metalworking industries including die casting, metalforming, machining and stamping.  The company is known for its comprehensive approach to lubrication solution development, supported by the effective engineering principles, reliable components and quality construction of its equipment.

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