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Expanding Industrial Lubrication Knowledge So Every Machine Can Be A Well-Oiled Machine

Sydney, Australia (MMD Newswire) September 28, 2011—NCH Corporation and Mantek are offering industry specific seminars for the dissemination of maintenance knowledge, on demand. For the past 92 years, Mantek has been providing the highest quality products and services to its commercial and industrial clients. An integral part of the services offered by Mantek are its specialized maintenance seminars.

These seminars are developed to help educate companies in a wide variety of maintenance areas. Seminars aim to provide all the education and background information so that employers and employees are better equipped to deal with their day-to-day lubrication and maintenance challenges in cost effective ways.

Some of Mantek’s seminars include:

-General Lubrication

- Grease

- Advanced Technology Flushing

- Gear and Transmission Oils

- Hydraulic Oils

- Motor Oils

- Oil Analysis

- Fuel Quality

Mantek Australia has long been available to assist with clients’ requests for staff seminars, but with the recent launch of their website (www.mantek.com.au) the seminars have never been easier to arrange. The new website has allowed Mantek to reach out to clients with its Request-A-Visit page, in a way that was not previously available to the public. The response so far has been promising. Registrations have been flowing in from the website, which also allows convenient access to product information, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and even online ordering of product.

For more information on these seminars and to schedule one at your company, contact our sales office at: 1-800-656-339 or SalesQuery.Mantek@nch.com

Founded in 1919, Mantek is a worldwide manufacturer of industrial and commercial maintenance products. Mantek is proud to offer a broad range of products including industrial and commercial cleaning, lubrication, parts cleaning, and maintenance supplies and equipment. With more than 150-patented products world-wide, Mantek is the global leader in providing innovative maintenance and lubrication products.

For more information about Mantek, visit www.mantek.com.au

About Mantek

Mantek is a division of NCH Corporation, a premier manufacturer and supplier of industrial and commercial maintenance and repair products and services. Mantek adheres to ISO 9000 standards and products meet or exceed relevant standards set by the EPA, OSHA, USDA, TGA, and FDA.

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