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ExxonMobil Launches Online Industrial Lubricant Selector - Looble

Looble simplifies the lubricant selection process by providing targeted Mobil-branded product recommendations with performance ratings based upon users’ specific industries, applications and equipment.

With just a click of the computer mouse or a touch on most Internet-capable smartphones, Looble enables users to access

  • Lubricant recommendations and application guidance based on their specific applications and operating conditions for a wide range of industries
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers’ recommended lubricants and schematics for numerous types of equipment makes and models
  • Detailed descriptions and five-star performance ratings for each recommended lubricant
  • Printable recommendation reports.

“With the introduction of Looble, maintenance and production professionals now have a readily accessible resource for lubricant and maintenance best practices that can help them optimize equipment performance and ultimately, enhance their companies’ bottom line and gain a global competitive advantage,” said Ian Davidson, Global Industrial Marketing Manager, ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum Specialties Company, a division of Exxon Mobil Corporation. “Looble is powered by our valuable application-specific expertise and unique insights that we have gained during more than a century of working with customers and the world’s leading industrial equipment manufacturers.”

ExxonMobil’s broad portfolio of Mobil-branded mineral oils and high-performance synthetic based lubricants are relied upon by successful companies around the globe. As a company that helped pioneer synthetic lubrication technology, ExxonMobil’s popular Mobil SHC-branded synthetic industrial lubricants are approved for use in more than 10,000 applications and have exclusive/preferential endorsements from leading original equipment manufacturers for more than 2,200 applications.

For more information about Looble, or other Mobil-branded industrial lubricants or value-added services, visit or

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