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Four Rivers Software Systems Announces TMS Locator

The TMS Locator from Four Rivers is designed to reduce the time spent updating and searching for assets. With a sweep of a handheld tag reading device, TMS Locator updates assets in TMS. Best of all, any handheld tag reader that has a web-browser and a Gen 2 passive tag reader can be used, and there is no software to install.

Active RFID tags can be expensive, but TMS Locator uses passive tags which require less maintenance and are a fraction of the cost. This will allow organizations to get started tagging their assets quickly, while maintaining a reduced budget.

Barry Skirble, Chief Technology Officer at Four Rivers, explains, “Taking inventory or updating asset location is really as easy as walking into a room, scanning a tag located on the doorframe, and then scanning the entire room. TMS Locator lets you know your assets have been updated, and then you move on to the next room. It literally takes only a minute to update all of the assets within a room.”

With TMS Locator organizations can tag assets quickly, and maintain them easily.

For further information on the TMS Locator from Four Rivers please visit our website at www.frsoft.com or contact Four Rivers at 1-800-488-6990.

About Four Rivers Software Systems, Inc.

Four Rivers Software Systems, Inc. (www.frsoft.com) is the leading provider of computerized support services solutions for healthcare clinical engineering and facilities departments. The TMS product family includes TMS Enterprise, TMS OnLine Professional, TMS OnSite Professional, and TMS WorkGroup.

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