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SAP EAM/Plant Maintenance Best Practices Study

SAP EAM/Plant Maintenance Best Practices Study

Second only to energy, maintenance costs are a significant portion of every company's expense budget. Recognizing this fact, companies have implemented strategies to alter the perception that maintenance is a necessary evil to one where maintenance is considered a strong contributor to the company's profitability.

MRO Best Practices Special Report

A good maintenance storeroom is a well-oiled machine. Imagine 99.9 percent service levels for critical spares or window wait times under 10 minutes 95 percent of the time. A great storeroom gives you the capability to figure out what unidentified parts actually are or to know when your special-order parts hit the receiving dock.

The MRO Best Practices Report explores the conditions of successful storerooms, as well as those with little or no expertise in maintenance spare parts management. Results and insights on the Maintenance Management Benchmarking Survey are also included. 

Maximo Asset Management, Made Simple

This document provides insights from a maintenance perspective, the day-to-day user of the system and the information contained within it. Identifying all maintainable assets and their physical locations are critical to the maintenance function. From this functionality, data to identify the required maintenance strategies, develop logical maintenance routes and identify routine spare parts can be understood.

Asset Condition Monitoring (ACM) Project Manager’s Guide

Asset Condition Monitoring (ACM) Project Manager’s Guide

This is a resource no organization should be without! The Asset Condition Monitoring (ACM) Project Manager’s Guide provides basic information about what an ACM initiative or organizational component is, how it should be conducted and who should be involved. The material is presented to help an organization determine if it is ready to undertake ACM. The guide also identifies ideas and practices an organization must embrace or improve and notes pitfalls to avoid in order to enhance its chance of success. 

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