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Industrial Innovations Zero Drip Nozzle Eliminates Lubrication Waste

The Z-nozzle is 99.5% drip-free, helping to eliminate costly waste in lubricant application. Designed to work with the Spra-Rite spray lubrication system, the Z-drip spray nozzles combine low pressure with high velocity to produce the most effective means of applying lubricants.

Fluid application is controlled through pressure, time, degree of pattern and electronic programming of a simple HMI. The design provides easy interchangeability of the spray tips for a variety of spray angles and volumes, to offer the following capability:

Angle/Volumes @ 40 PSI water
25-degree/.1 GPM
40-degree/ .15 GPM
65-degree/.2 GPM
80-degree/.3 GPM
110-degree/.4 GPM

The spray nozzles are available in brass, stainless or plastic with tubing choices of 1/8”, 3/16” and 1/4” diameter.  Contact Industrial Innovations at 616-249-1525 or to find out which style best suits your application.

Industrial Innovations has been providing industrial lubrication equipment for operation in metalworking industries including die casting, metalforming, machining and stamping for over 30 years.  The company is known for its comprehensive approach to lubrication solution development, supported by the effective engineering principles, reliable components and quality construction of its equipment.

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