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InventHelp Introduces Tool to Lubricate Bearings and Pivot Points with Ease

Pittsburgh, PA—InventHelp introduces the “Grease Bug Pump,” a lubrication system for construction equipment or other machinery.

Grease BugThe Grease Bug Pump allows an individual to quickly and easily lubricate bearings or pivot points on a piece of equipment. Because it is mounted right onto the equipment, it is easily accessible and easy to use. Ideal for contractors, construction workers or do-it-yourselfers, the Grease Bug Pump will help to save the cost and time of replacing a broken or rusted bearing or pivot point.

The product includes several different-sized tubing and fittings. To use, an individual centrally mounts the Grease Bug® Pump onto the equipment, turns the dial to the correct fitting, and then is able to easily pump the grease into the bearing through the tube. The Grease Bug Pump uses standard 3 oz. grease tubes that can be purchased at most automotive supply stores or bulk grease that is refilled directly into the reservoir.

InventHelp is seeking marketers and distributors in the construction, hardware, and houseware industries. The Grease Bug Pump is available on a website of innovative new products by InventHelp’s licensing and product marketing partner Intromark Incorporated. For more information, or for ordering, contact us at 217 Ninth Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222; call (800) 851-6030 or (412) 288-1368; fax (412) 338-0497

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