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IRISS Releases CAP 4” Infrared Windows to Meet Marketplace Demand

IRISS, a leader in the industrial infrared (IR) window market for electrical safety, is pleased to announce their addition of the CAP 4” IR windows protected by their Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

“We pride ourselves in offering our customers IR windows to fit their needs and applications,” said CEO, Martin Robinson. “The demand we have seen for this size IR window resulted in us adding this to our standard product line offering,” continues Robinson.

Now IRISS has over 50 standard IR window designs making them the only IR window manufacturer with standard options for customers to fit their needs.  Additionally, for customers needing exceedingly unique IR windows, IRISS offers Custom Solutions.

The IRISS CAP 4” is available with either transparent or opaque polymer both complying with all mandatory impact, load and flammability requirements.  It features an increase in the field of view when compared to traditional round IR windows.  Several major OEMs throughout the United States and Canada are among the first to adopt the IRISS CAP 4” IR windows.

IRISS IR windows allow for safer, more efficient electrical inspections. IRISS is the manufacturer of the world’s first and only industrial-grade IR windows capable of meeting OSHA’s NFPA 70E requirements for arc flash safety. All of our products are manufactured and assembled in our global headquarters located in Bradenton, FL.

Learn more about the IRISS CAP 4” here.

About IRISS, Inc.

IRISS industrial-grade infrared (IR) windows give customers an efficient way to safely inspect electrical equipment without exposure to the risk of a hazardous arc flash, accidents or injuries. Our unique window designs feature a durable, clear polymer lens that allows visual, UV and short/mid/longwave IR spectrum inspections and are available in custom shapes and sizes to fit the needs of any application. Through our Safety and Maintenance Academy of Reliability Technologies, IRISS offers many unique training and certification classes that provide the practical experience and knowledge necessary to complete electrical maintenance inspections safely and efficiently. For more information, visit iriss.com.

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