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LE Introduces Grease with Calcium Sulfonate Complex Thickener

Lubrication Engineers, Inc. introduces Monocal™ GP Grease (1499), a versatile general purpose lubricant for use in severe conditions such as high temperatures, heavy loads and water. It provides long-lasting reliable protection and is the right solution for industrial and mobile equipment used in a wide variety of industries, especially those in which moisture problems are caused by high humidity, elevated operating temperatures, and severe environmental contamination.

An NLGI 2 grease, Monocal GP Grease is especially effective when used on bearings operating in a warm, moist environment or in operations where a lot of water is needed to keep equipment cool. Without effective, reliable lubrication, these conditions can lead to costly downtime and repairs.

Monocal GP Grease is a high-performance formula featuring high-viscosity base fluid, calcium sulfonate complex thickener and Monolec®, LE’s proprietary wear-reducing additive. This premium combination imparts a very high dropping point, exceptional inherent extreme pressure characteristics, superior mechanical stability, low oil bleed, and water resistance – everything necessary to protect and extend the life of valuable equipment.

LE chose to use a calcium sulfonate thickener because of its inherent ability to prevent rust and corrosion – even in sea water. It also has a very high dropping point as compared to conventional thickeners and ensures excellent mechanical stability for long-lasting use. Calcium sulfonate imparts outstanding EP properties without the addition of heavy metals, providing protection even when pound-out conditions occur.

In addition to protecting against wear, metal-to-metal contact and scoring, LE’s Monolec additive gives the grease exceptional film strength and the ability to resist oxidation and water contamination. It also helps the grease maintain consistency after repeated heating and cooling.

Typical industrial applications for which LE recommends using Monocal GP Grease include many types of bearings (anti-friction, conveyor, fan, heavily loaded ball, high-speed, plain, roller element, slow-speed), forging equipment, machine tools, presses, rolling mills and rotary aerators. Automotive applications include ball joints, chassis, front axle arrangements, U-joints, and wheel bearings.

About Lubrication Engineers

A leader in lubricants since 1951, Lubrication Engineers, Inc., makes reliability easy for its customers, creating solutions for even the toughest lubrication challenges in a variety of industries worldwide. LE boosts profits through longer equipment life, extended service intervals, reduction in energy use, fewer repairs and less inventory. LE’s arsenal includes highly trained consultants, technical expertise, a full complement of reliability products and services, and a comprehensive line of enhanced industrial and automotive lubricants manufactured at its plant in Wichita, Kan. The lubricants are formulated from highly refined or synthetic base oils and proprietary additives, ensuring that they exceed the performance of ordinary oils and greases. Lubrication Engineers operates under an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System.

Call 800-537-7683 or visit for more information about this and other LE products and services, or to find an LE consultant near you.  

Media Contacts

  • Paul Grimes, marketing manager, 316-529-6807
  • Ann Walden, marketing communications manager, 316-529-6818

Sales, Technical and Customer Service:  300 Bailey Ave. / Fort Worth, TX 76107 / 800-537-7683

Manufacturing, R&D and Training:  1919 E. Tulsa / Wichita, KS 67216 / 316-529-6800

Monolec® is a registered trademark and Monocal™ is a trademark of Lubrication Engineers, Inc. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.

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