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Learn About a Heroic Journey to Organizational Change in New Audio book

Follow James Emery as he struggles to balance his various roles of husband, father, and plant manager. After an accident in the plant leaves several people seriously injured, he begins a journey to heroic change. The newly released audio book of James’ journey can help managers and CEOs learn how to better manage the journey from the reactive domain to the planned domain and, eventually, to the precision domain.

“You cannot move to a high performance asset reliability program without stemming the flow of defects,” said Terrence O’Hanlon, Publisher, “and this book describes how a young plant manager survives a corporate sponsored planned maintenance consultant, resistant operators and a well-established reactive maintenance culture by focusing on defect elimination with cross functional teams. It is an amazing heroic journey that we are proud to make available on audio CD and MP3 format. Anyone who is affected by poor reliability or reactive maintenance can now listen during the daily commute or workout.”

Don’t Just Fix It, Improve It! was written by Winston P. Ledet, Winston J. Ledet and Sherri Abshire. The audio book makes it convenient to listen to an interesting story and learn about change while commuting, walking, or working out. The audio book is available at

Through telling the story of a plant manager, the authors provide guidance on making drastic changes to improve an organization. The main character embarks on a heroic journey as he faces challenges in implementing his plan. The authors compare the plant manager’s journey to The Chambered Nautilus in the poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes, and even to the journey in the Wizard of Oz.

Listeners will be entertained as they learn strategies and tools for organization evolution, how defects affect bottom line results, how to use the hero’s journey to build a learning organization, and more.

“Research at states that 80% of reliability improvement initiatives fail to produce sustainable results. This book uncovers the feedback loops that either reinforce reactive behavior or can be used to leverage improvements. Listeners will recognize themselves in this story,” O’Hanlon said.

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