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LUBE-IT Announces Highly Anticipated EAM Connector for SAP



Interface revolutionizes the ease, speed and accuracy of machine inspection processes

Franklin, Tenn. Generation Systems, Inc., (GSI) makers of LUBE-IT™, the Award-Winning Lubrication Management System, is pleased to formally announce the release of its advanced SAP®/Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) interface. This software innovation enables the seamless transfer of inspection requests from maintenance technicians directly into the SAP Work Queue for approval by SAP work planning supervisors.

“GSI customers also running SAP have long asked for a SAP interface and we’ve delivered it,” says Mike Johnson, President of Precision Lubrication Services, the parent company of Advanced Machine Reliability Resources (AMRRI), and GSI. “This is a game-changer. The daily essential care and inspection routines provided by lubrication technicians can be a tremendous source of advanced 'defect scouting.’ With this advanced SAP/EAM interface, observations can quickly and confidently be transcribed into meaningful and well-managed inspection requests. We’ve been working on a way to do this for quite some time, and we have finally solved the riddle,” Johnson explains.

LUBE-IT, a ‘Product of the Year’ work practices management software award winner, is the most widely used daily essential machine care and machine lubrication task management system on the market, typically serving Fortune 1000 sized customers. This is a major advancement for users of both SAP and LUBE-IT. Finally, the reliability engineer or supervisor responsible for maintaining daily essential care activities, and for translating the many written notes and radio requests into SAP Maintenance Notification Queue for more vigorous inspections, has the means to do so using LUBE-IT’s EAM interface.

Here’s how it works: Technicians will make notes about issues of concern in their Windows® tablets, during normal rounds and inspections. The note, or ‘trouble notice entry’ is placed in a queue for the group manager to approve and ‘auto-dispatch’ to the SAP Maintenance Notification Queue, where it is approved or rejected by planning managers.

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“All the relevant details are logged, checked, approved and deployed, without the first scrap of paper being generated,” says Johnson. “Everyone knows that a competent lubrication technician can be an amazing source of insight into machine health needs. With properly devised work practices these technicians run task-focused routes that expose them to all the key production machines and do so on a routine basis. They can observe and report on small changes before those become disruptive repairs. Using a notepad and pencil is not effective. These employees need to communicate directly with work planners, but do so with oversight from their direct line supervisors. Now they have a tool that enables them to accomplish that and easily manage the details derived from their daily essential care management efforts.”

Contact Nate Richard for more information: | (615) 771 – 6030

About AMRRI and GSI:

Advanced Machine Reliability Resources (AMRRI) and Generation Systems Inc. (GSI), creator of LUBE-IT management software, two of the most respected names in machine lubrication management, recently announced they are combining forces to create a best-in-class offering to support asset health and machine reliability for Fortune 1000 manufacturers. Advanced Machine Reliability Resources, Inc. (AMRRI) was founded by Mike Johnson in 2006 to assist customers looking for help to improve machine reliability through the daily essential care associated with machine lubrication. AMRRI works with customers domestically and internationally to increase productivity and reduce costs through improved industrial machine lubrication program engineering, machinery lubrication training practices, machine reliability engineering, oil analysis and condition monitoring. Since its founding AMRRI has partnered with Generation Systems, Inc. (GSI) to deploy customers work plans through its award-winning LUBE-IT software management program.

For more information about AMRRI: | For more information about GSI:

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