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Lubricating Systems from Industrial Innovations for all Size Plants‏

The Industrial Innovation Pro-Mix systems feature stainless steel reservoirs for stabilizing liquids prior to mixing and a patented Pro-Drive assembly for thorough mixing, control and pressurizing of the mixture, if necessary.  Additionally, fluid level status indicators continuously monitor the level of the two fluids and refill on demand or discontinue service if levels reach a low level during operation.

Unique characteristics of Industrial Innovations solutions include a Mixture Testing function use to mechanically test the mixture being produced and the ability to only vary the amount of water applied to the mixture, providing greater mixture stability and thus, process control.

The Industrial Innovations systems come in a variety of models – Pro Mix I, III and V—but all are designed to deliver a precise, reliable and safe lubrication management system.  The Pro-Mix III and V are larger units that use pump/valve assemblies to refill the reservoirs.  The Pro-Mix I has all the standard design features of the larger systems on a smaller scale and relies upon gravity utilizing mechanical ball float switches for reservoir refill.

Industrial Innovations has been providing industrial lubrication equipment for operation in metalworking industries including die casting, metalforming, machining and stamping for nearly 30 years.  The company is known for its comprehensive approach to lubrication solution development, supported by the effective engineering principles, reliable components and quality construction of its equipment.

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