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MAG Maintenance Technologies Selected by Lockheed Martin for Strategic Global Service Alliance

MAG Maintenance Technologies (Hebron, KY) has been awarded a unique, broad-reaching purchasing agreement by Lockheed Martin that covers global service and support of manufacturing equipment, enables lean efficiencies and economies, and provides a schedule of discounts to Lockheed Martin as the volume of work increases.

The program, effective earlier this year, is global in two respects, said Gary Finney, Director of Sales North America for MAG Maintenance Technologies. First, it covers service and support of all manufacturing equipment at major Lockheed Martin locations around the world. Second, the agreement is global in scope of products and services offered, including interactive diagnostic help, preventive maintenance, field service, training, replacement and spare parts, productivity improvements, machine rebuilding, even machine and system relocation and set-up. The agreement assures Lockheed Martin of world-class maintenance expertise and coverage, while offering economies of scale.
MAG Maintenance Technologies has service centers in the North America, South America, Europe and Asia, with over 250 service engineers strategically located worldwide to service Lockheed Martin’s major facilities.
The agreement covers the full range of machine tools produced by MAG’s family of companies, including over 50 different machine tool legacy brands and Lockheed Martin’s large installed base of specialized MAG Cincinnati aerospace machining and composites fabrication equipment.

Integration of the program into Lockheed Martin’s global sourcing system allows easy access to everything from discounted parts and consumables such as tooling to comprehensive repair and relocation services. “This is a key breakthrough,” said Finney. “Any Lockheed Martin facility can now order any covered service simply by checking off a couple boxes on a one-page form. This can save substantial time and costs at the operating level over lengthy supplier evaluation and bid processes.”

The agreement is not limited to MAG equipment. MAG Maintenance Technologies has demonstrated its ability to take on complete project responsibility, even involving other machinery makes, said Finney. He cited major relocations of legacy equipment and systems from U.S. Lockheed Martin plants to Tier One suppliers in Italy and Chile under global offset programs. MAG Maintenance Technologies also handled the acquisition, upgrade and installation of used machines to enable a Chilean subcontractor to perform 5-axis machining on offset work.
MAG Maintenance Technologies’ single-source, full-service capability can benefit many kinds of manufacturing operations, single plant to multi-plant and multi-national, he stressed. “Manufacturers of all sizes, not just global giants like Lockheed Martin, are finding that they cannot afford - and in many cases cannot find - the maintenance staffing and expertise needed to achieve world-class productivity and competitiveness.”

For more information on MAG Maintenance Technologies’ comprehensive service and support capabilities, please call 859-534-4600, toll-free 800-934-0735 or visit our website

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