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MetaPower In’l Receives $269K PO for Maintenance Planning Services With a Major Oil Sands Ener

MetaPower Canada, Ltd and its predecessor companies have been providing maintenance services to this client since 2006. This extension covers additional work associated with the 2010 turnaround on the clients’ oil sands refinery.

The receipt of this order is very satisfying. Over the years we have been helping the client develop their approach to maintenance and maintenance planning. They have now requested that we provide these individuals to assist with the turnaround. This indicates the client’s respect for our people and the work they do, stated Ken Allen, President of MetaPower International, Inc.

About MetaPower International, Inc.:

MetaPower International, Inc. is a technology and services firm originally founded in 1996 that provides information technology and change management services to hazardous process industries. This link between technology and services is critical to manage the changes necessary to successfully compete in the current environment. In today’s world, business operations must be streamlined to meet the challenges of these turbulent economic times.

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