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Mobideo Unveils Gamechanger for Turnaround Management

The MobideoSTO Operating System dramatically improves turnaround performance and manageability of the key factors that determine turnaround success – scope, cost, schedule, quality, and EHS.

HOUSTON, TX - Announcing the launch of MobideoSTO at an online event entitled “When the going gets tough, the tough get digital”, Mobideo is releasing the premier Digital STO (Shutdown, Turnaround, Outage) Operating System, representing a paradigm shift for turnaround groups to manage the full STO lifecycle.

Using advanced modelling techniques and best practice gained from Mobideo’s experiences with nearly 100 STOs covering $2.5 billion of projects in the refining, chemical and power industries, MobideoSTO is a gamechanger digitalization product that directly addresses the dynamic and complex nature of STOs. Leveraging intelligent planning and scheduling, optimized execution and post-STO analysis, it dramatically improves STO manageability.

The online event was moderated by award-winning journalist and podcast host Krista Escamilla, and offered a unique opportunity to hear perspectives of experts and customers. Yaron Eppel, CEO of Mobideo, noted that the moment he first came across the term VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) to describe harsh and unforgiving battlefield environments, he realized that he had found the contextualization that is vital to understanding STO challenges.

“Turnarounds are not like traditional projects, but VUCA environments, which cannot be successfully managed using typical project management tools and techniques,” states Eppel. “All too often, turnaround managers lack access to timely, reliable data which frequently resides in multiple, standalone and unconnected systems of record. They are forced to make time-sensitive decisions based on intuition and limited information. They need a holistic approach suited to high-VUCA environments.”

This recognition ignited the development of MobideoSTO, which is the first-ever Digital STO Operating System offering a completely different approach to turnaround management. Paul Muir, Mobideo President of North America and CRO, notes that “… it integrates innovative thinking, technology, best practice and hands-on experience to deliver effective STO management and execution.”

A panel of turnaround thought leaders from top U.S. facilities provided insights on what they look for in a digital turnaround management solution; where they see the turnaround market going; and how Mobideo has helped them in their preparation and execution of their STOs.

Ord Limbrick, Turnaround Director at Covestro, stated that “Over the last three years I have personally deployed Mobideo in three turnarounds, and in two of those turnarounds it was highly, highly successful. In fact, it was so successful in two of those turnarounds that we returned back to the business bottom line millions of dollars, both on the cost side - absolute costs of the staff that was utilized to the deploy to turnaround - and also on product. We were able to get the unit back up faster. Therefore, the bottom line, the company made more product, which in turn made more revenue.”

And commenting on the automation inherent in the digitalization of turnovers, Dave Maher, VP Refining at Delek U.S. noted that “The more these systems can basically think for us and start us at a different point, the better chance we have to manage all the different things that happen during these events. Mobideo gives us the opportunity to create that.”

Finally, relating to the importance of digitalization and the significance of having real-time data accessible on any mobile device, Colin Xander, Corporate Turnaround Manager at Chevron Philips Chemical Company, declared: “… that tablet in your hand is an opportunity to right now see what your struggles are, and apply those lessons to this turnaround instead of the next turnaround.”

Learn more about MobideoSTO. View the exclusive online product launch here.



Mobideo ( is a global hi-tech company transforming the way industrial workforces operate and perform. By digitalizing work processes and leveraging cloud, big data analytics, AI, mobility and machine learning technologies, it enables owner-operators in asset-intensive industries to achieve unprecedented levels of operational excellence and increased profitability. Founded in 2008, Mobideo meets the highest industry standards and is ISO 27001 cyber security certified. Employing a team of seasoned professionals worldwide, the company supports customers in a range of industries, including oil & gas, chemicals, power, aviation, and life sciences.

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