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Nanoprecise Doubling AI-based PdM Deployment across Asian Metal Sector

Nanoprecise Sci Corp is doubling the deployment of its AI-based Predictive Maintenance Solution in Metal Sector Across Asia.

BANGALORE, India -- 

Metals Industry in Asia

The Asian Metal sector continues to see significant growth with rising industrial demand in the domestic markets and renewed focus on infrastructure in US and Europe. Asian metal manufacturers are set to boost their production capacities to align with this demand and their new strategic goals that align with sustainable manufacturing practices. With rising demand, it is essential to maintain the plant machinery in good condition so as to avoid any catastrophic impact on production and human lives.

Unplanned downtime is an expensive affair for the metal industry as it directly affects production processes. When a steel mill experiences unplanned shutdown, all related industries such as infrastructure are affected, leading to huge financial losses for the business and having significant impacts on the precarious global markets that are experiencing high demand and limited supply. Therefore, it is necessary to combat unplanned downtime by predicting the faults in advance, so as to prevent the financial loses and improve the worker safety thus fuelling economic development.

Nanoprecise Sci Corp

Nanoprecise is an automated AI based predictive maintenance solution provider that facilitates early detection of even small changes in machine operations well before they impact production or cause downtime. The Predictive Maintenance Solutions from Nanoprecise work towards achieving productive results, by offering highly valuable insights about the equipment and machinery. With a combination of AI + IoT + LTE technologies, Nanoprecise is able to provide a seamless monitoring solution.

Nanoprecise brings peace of mind to customers with their truly wireless IoT hardware that communicates over Wi-Fi or Cellular networks. The integrated AI-based solution consists of a unique six-in-one IIoT sensor, that measures the 6 most important parameters in machine health; Vibration, Acoustics, RPM, Temperature, Humidity & Magnetic Flux. Combining this state-of-the-art hardware with patented algorithms that analyze these 6 streams of data in real-time allows Nanoprecise to be on the cutting edge for these solutions. The IoT hardware is Atex and IECEx Zone 0 certified, enabling it to be used within hazardous environments thereby bringing productivity and safety benefits to challenging process environments. Moreover, edge analytics allows for full-time monitoring without full-time connectivity. The system set-up can be completed in a matter of a few hours, thereby providing an interconnected network of equipments. It provides enhanced visibility of the machine health thereby offering increased transparency to the manufacturing operation as a whole.

Automated AI-based Predictive Maintenance in Metal Sector

Nanoprecise has been working with customers in the metal manufacturing for more than 3 years. With state-of-the-art hardware and customized patented softwares, the team at Nanoprecise have been driving the digital transformation of the metal manufacturing process for companies across Asia. They enable manufacturers to start their Industry 4.0 journey with a relatively small budget focussed on key goals, while laying the foundation for IoT implementation at scale.

"We have more than doubled our Industrial IoT deployments with state-of-the-art hardware and our patented AI platform over the past year. During this time, we have seen significant increase in the interest from metal manufacturers towards the adoption of large scale Industrial IoT, to fuel their journey towards industry 4.0. Nanoprecise works with leading Fortune 500 companies in the metals sector, not only to facilitate reduced unplanned downtime and increased productivity, but also to enhance time and cost savings in their maintenance activities. Our expertise and know-how of the metal manufacturing processes have helped our customers to scale IIoT deployments from small-scale pilots to global rollouts," says Mr. Prashant Verma – Co-founder and Operations Lead, Nanoprecise Sci Corp.

With the rising demand for efficiency and quality in metal production and manufacturing operations, companies are battling the need to increase production while lowering operational costs with improved worker safety. With diverse and complex equipment sets often placed in hard-to-reach, remote locations, frequent monitoring is a huge challenge. Real-time insights on machine health and performance of sinter plants, coke ovens, SMS lines, Bar & Wire Rod Mills, Transformers or any other critical piece of machinery throughout the manufacturing process helps maintenance and reliability professionals to make faster and more accurate decisions about maintenance activities; this, in turn, drives efficiencies and improves their competitive advantage.

With a team that comprises expertise in hardware, condition monitoring, and software, the Nanoprecise team offers a complete package that can assist users with specification, installation, and ongoing usage of a truly automated monitoring solution. This combination makes Nanoprecise far more than a simple Sensor company. The Nanoprecise team strives to ensure that customers never miss a fault while avoiding the majority of nuisance alerts that are the hallmark of poor analysis software. There is a reason that these large capital equipment intensive operations are trusting Nanoprecise and contributing to massive growth in the Nanoprecise installed base across the Asian region.

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