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New Induction Bearing Heaters Launched

Both the EDDYTHERM Portable and EDDYTHERM 2x allow precise setting of time and temperature to prevent premature bearing failures due to improper or overheating for installation. A magnetic temperature probe continuously measures and displays actual temperature, while a stand-by feature permits holding temperature at a pre-set level for an indefinite time. They automatically demagnetize bearings after heating, and visual and audible signal announces termination of the heating/demagnetizing cycle.

According to Bernd Seidenthal, EDDYTHERM Product Manager, “The EDDYTHERM is not only designed for shrink-fitting of bearings for proper machine installation but also ideally suited to heat sleeves, impellers, rings, couplings, crane wheels, gears, etc. Proper shrink fitting extends the life of roller bearings and all these other workpieces.”

The EDDYTHERM 2x features a swivel arm and is suitable for bearings up to 176 lbs. while the EDDYTHERM Portable is suitable for bearings up to 22 lbs.

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