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New Website Launched with Information on Sustainable Lubricants and Hydraulic Fluids

The conventional mineral oils are harmful to nature and health when lost in the environment. Switching to biobased alternatives is an important development stimulated by governments. However, bio-lubricants use is still limited because of unfamiliarity with the products and the perceived higher cost.

The use of mineral lubricants and hydraulic oils can cause leakage and contamination of soil and groundwater, threatening flora and fauna, and our drinking water. Leakage can occur with the use of earthmoving equipment, tractors, forestry and dredging machines, chain saws and other machines when applied in sensitive areas. The risk of contamination is also present in machinery related to roads, bridges, locks and movable barriers. By using biolubricants, earthmoving companies, contractors, crane rental, agricultural entrepreneurs, contractors, shipbuilders, ship owners, foresters and gardeners can put corporate social responsibility into practice.

In the context of sustainable procurement criteria have been developed that products and services must meet. A number of these criteria relates to the use of lubricants and hydraulic fluids which are less toxic and are more biodegradable than products based on mineral resources. The website gives big purchasers such as public works, water and landscape managers guidance in formulating requirements for contractors and suppliers which they involve in building and maintaining infrastructural works.

The website has been developed by IVAM research and consultancy UvA BV of the University of Amsterdam and the Product Board for Margarine, Fats and Oils in cooperation with Rijkswaterstaat.

Visitors to who want to stay informed of developments in the field of bio-lubricants and hydraulic fluids can subscribe to a newsletter.

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