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Oil Sampling Company TestOil Receives Lean Six Sigma Recognition

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- TestOil, the industry leader in fluid analysis, just announced that they were featured in the Lean Six Sigma publication iSixSigma. TestOil President Mary Messuti said, “This was a big honor for us and one of the milestones in our in our continuous journey toward perfection. We want to thank everyone at iSixSigma for giving us this opportunity to showcase our company and its world class operations.”

The article, which was published by iSixSigma earlier this month, is authored by TestOil’s Lean Continuous Improvement Engineer Shubram Subramanyam. “Lean helps us set performance metrics, such as ensuring we hit our daily finish time goal to complete testing and analysis on all samples received so that we can deliver on our brand promise, which is same day oil analysis. That adds incredible value for our clients,” he said. “It is about pursuing perfection—being proactive rather than reactive. Because we are Lean, our customers have the assurance that we are an exceptionally well-run organization.”

Lean Six Sigma relies on a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically removing waste and reducing variation. Lean not only reduces process defects and waste, but also provides a framework for overall culture evolution within the organization. By introducing Lean Six Sigma, the mindset of employees and managers focuses on growth and uninterrupted improvement through process optimization. Successfully implementing Lean requires a combination of tools from both Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma principles are pervasive throughout TestOil. It is one of the reasons employees feel heard and know they have a say in making the company better. Lean gives TestOil a culture of continuous improvement that streamlines positive change and simplified processes. A good example is minimizing and eliminating unnecessary processes in the lab that have aided in a same day oil analysis promise.

“Unlike most other Lean organizations, TestOil doesn’t manufacture any products,” Subramanyam added. “Being featured in iSixSigma helps other non-manufacturing organizations see the value of incorporating Lean principles themselves.”

Lean continues to help TestOil mistake-proof processes and institute quality checks at the source to eliminate errors early. It is an unrelenting journey of adopting change and pursuing perfection with obvious benefits that customers appreciate.

“Anytime you implement Lean you are building quality into everything you do,” Messuti said, “Our tagline and our guiding principle is Remarkable in Every Way; Lean allows us to get there.”

The iSixSigma article featuring TestOil is available at:


With more than 30 years of experience in the oil analysis industry, TestOil focuses exclusively on assisting industrial facilities with reducing maintenance costs and avoiding unexpected downtime through oil analysis program implementation. As industry experts in diagnosing oil-related issues in equipment such as turbines, hydraulics, gearboxes, pumps, compressors and diesel generators, TestOil provides customers with a guarantee of same-day turnaround on all routine testing. With in-house, certified training professionals, TestOil offers lubrication and oil analysis training, private onsite training, certification training and exams, and educational webinars. For more information on partnering with TestOil on oil analysis programs or training opportunities visit

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