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Oil Purification Systems Announces Dominican Republic Distribution Agreement with LUBRI-TECH

Oil Purification Systems, Inc. (OPS), the leader in fluid cleaning technology, announced today a distribution agreement with LUBRI-TECH, S.A., a subsidiary of B&R Group. Under the agreement, LUBRI-TECH will provide sales, installation and customer support services for OPS’ products, primarily in the Dominican Republic and throughout Latin America.

Because oil is even more expensive in the Dominican Republic than in the U.S., this is an ideal market for the OPS technology, said Ramon Mella, general manager for LUBRI-TECH. Our customers who are already using OPS’ products see significant savings in their oil maintenance costs, while also enjoying increased longevity and productivity of their engines. Additionally, the disposal of waste oil and the resulting contamination are major problems in the Dominican Republic. OPS’ fluid cleaning technology allows our customers to perform fewer oil changes, therefore putting less waste oil back into the environment.

LUBRI-TECH is currently focusing its sales efforts on the trucking, marine and mining industries in the Dominican Republic, with a number of OPS units already installed on large equipment operating in seaports - including cranes, lifters and trucks. OPS users can expect to see at least an 80 percent savings in oil maintenance costs and a return on investment in 6-18 months. Additionally, B&R Group has co-sponsored the establishment of an independent oil analysis lab in Santo Domingo to perform oil sampling for its customers. Fluid analysis provides a snapshot of what is happening inside equipment installed with OPS technology and allows companies to safely extend oil drain intervals, extend equipment life and minimize downtime by identifying minor problems before they become major failures.

According to B&R Group’s chairman, Jaak Rannik, One of our entrepreneurial habits is to always be on the lookout for new technologies that have some relevance to our core business, and I am very confident that we will do very well with this product and the fine company that makes it.

Latin America, and specifically the Dominican Republic, is an important market for OPS with a high concentration of large equipment, said Greg Slawson, CEO of OPS. We have already seen significant interest in the OPS technology and are confident that LUBRI-TECH will help us further expand our reach beyond the U.S.


LUBRI-TECH is a company established under the laws of the Dominican Republic and is active in the import, distribution and installation of advanced lubrication solutions for large, progressive client firms in the Dominican Republic and elsewhere in the region. LUBRI-TECH is a subsidiary of the B&R group of companies, one of the largest and oldest integrated marine services companies, with a history dating back to 1919. Today, B&R is made up of 13 companies and over 400 dedicated professionals, providing A-to-Z transportation and logistics solutions to clients from around the world.

About Oil Purification Systems

Oil Purification Systems, Inc. fluid cleaning technology is used by hundreds of fleets on thousands of vehicles and generators in trucking, oil and gas, mining, waste management and many other applications. By removing the solid and liquid contaminants from industrial lubricating fluids, the OPS family of fluid cleaning products virtually eliminates the need for routine maintenance, enabling those industries to reduce maintenance costs by 80 percent, extend equipment life and substantially reduce their environmental impact. Founded in 2002, OPS is headquartered in Waterbury, Conn.

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