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Oil Purification Systems Announces Eco-Pur System

DALLAS & SHELTON, Conn.—Building upon fluid cleaning technology that has been tested and proven in the trucking industry, Oil Purification Systems (OPS) announced today the new Eco-PurM System, the first and only supplemental filtration system that uses electronic controls to continuously optimize the cleaning process and remove both solid and liquid contaminants from lubricating oil. The Eco-Pur allows fleet owners and owner-operators to safely extend oil drain intervals as much as five times, earn a return on investment in as little as 10 months and minimize waste oil for a cleaner environment.

“The Eco-Pur is the result of rigorous design standards and more than 12 months of extensive laboratory and field testing,” says Bill Priest, vice president of engineering for OPS. “The OPS-1 System has been widely used over a number of years to reduce oil maintenance costs. We have been able to take that technology a step further and use even more innovative materials and design specifications to create a product that will continue to help companies meet their preventative maintenance goals now and in the future.”

The Eco-Pur utilizes the most advanced components and circuitry available for its electronic controls that continuously monitor temperature and flow to optimize the evaporation process based on an engine’s real-time operation. Additionally, the Eco-Pur is the only system of its kind to allow flexible product configurations based on a piece of equipment’s specific operating and contamination profile. Because the Eco-Pur has less hardware and a six-position integrated bracket, it is also easier to install and service than its predecessor.

OPS works with each customer to develop a customized plan based on business and operational requirements. This plan includes a review of current preventative maintenance practices and a company’s maintenance goals for the future, a comprehensive return on investment analysis and determining the best filter size for a company’s equipment. OPS also customizes its lube sampling and analysis program to further help companies meet maintenance objectives by doing the following:

•Safely extending oil drain intervals,
•Identifying opportunities for optimizing filtration performance,
•Minimizing downtime by identifying minor problems before they become major failures,
•Migrating to a truly condition-based oil maintenance program, and
•Providing regular reviews to ensure realization of benefits.
“Using our very successful OPS-1 system as a foundation, we have developed a product that helps companies significantly reduce oil maintenance costs,” says Greg Slawson, CEO for OPS. “With millions of miles and thousands of hours of proven performance, the Eco-Pur represents OPS’ commitment to helping our customers save time and money with fewer oil changes, while also protecting the environment.”

The Eco-Pur System will be available in September. OPS will also continue to service its flagship product, the OPS-1 system for existing customers. For more information or pricing on the Eco-Pur, contact OPS at 866-645-7873, or visit

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