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Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Petroleum Expert Chris Hastings Presents Paper

Palmyra, Pennsylvania – Christopher Francis Hastings, Market Specialist-Petroleum (Global Projects Group), Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd., presented his papers on “Mixing in Crude Oil Storage Tanks for Improved Operations and Limiting Failure Risk” at the 4th Annual World Refining Technology Summit 2012 Conference scheduled on October 22 to 23, 2012 at Bedford Hotel in, Brussels, Belgium.

Mr. Hastings is an active speaker/presenter and industry expert with a portfolio of engagements including: Global Refining Summit 2012, Barcelona, Spain; StocExpo Conference and Exhibition 2010, Antwerp Belgium; World Refining Technology Summit and Exhibition 2009, Vienna Austria; Canadian Aboveground Storage Tank Conference 2008, 2009, 2011, Calgary, Canada; ANSYS Engineering Simulation Energy Conference (ESEC) 2008, Houston Texas; Independent Liquid Terminals Association Conference & Exhibition 1999, Houston, Texas; Independent Liquid Terminal International Operating Conference & Exhibition 2002, Houston, Texas; Bakersfield Oil Conference and Exhibition 1992, Bakersfield CA; S.C. IPIP S.A. the Engineering and Design Institute 1984, Ploiesti, Romania.

Mr. Hastings has also authored and contributed to the following industry publications: Processing Magazine December 2003 – Swiveling Side-Entry Mixer Controls Sediment; Tank Storage Magazine March 2007 – Side-Entry Mixing Technology; Tank Storage Magazine January 2009 – How Side-Entry Mixing Reduces the Risk of Tank Collapse; Tank Storage Magazine March 2010 – Insuring Against Tank Downtime; Tank Storage Magazine March 2012 – Side-Entry Mixer Selection.

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd. is the industry leader in mixing processes and solutions with over 125 years experience delivering globally-proven products, services. Operating the world’s largest test lab, only Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd. can offer you experience, expertise, and cutting edge technology to provide you with the optimal mixing system that improve your bottom line, not steal from it. The Cutlass™ side entry tank mixer, Kestrel™ static mixer, and the latest focused flow Lancer™ advanced pitch propeller are designed to meet the highest standards set by major oil companies and APS/PIP industry standards.

Every year a huge number of senior and serious refining professionals gather together at this summit to discuss and debate latest business issues and also the latest updates on technical developments along with technology showcase and demonstration through exhibit space and interactive presentations.

Cerebral Business Research organizes the annual event, in its fourth year, including: 1st Annual WRTS 2009 in Vienna, Austria; 2nd Annual WRTS 2010 in Abu Dhabi, Dubai; 3rd Annual WRTS 2011 in Houston, Texas; and 4th Annual WRTS 2012 in Brussels Belgium.

About Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd.

With a full range of globally-proven products, services, and the world’s largest test lab facility, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd. (Palmyra, PA, USA) is one of the world’s most experienced fluid mixing equipment and process optimization experts. Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd. has locations around the globe to provide the best support and service for your specialized needs. Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd. companies includes UK-based Mixing Solutions Ltd. Company and Latin America-based Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltda.

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd.’s offerings include chemical processing, biological and industrial wastewater treatment, petroleum tank storage, mineral processing, flue-gas desulphurization (FGD), water treatment and other fluid mixing applications. For access to product information and a complete library of technical information, or to chat with a live representative, visit

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