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Pioneer Engineering Introduces New Tribology and Lubrication Services and Training Course

“A proactive lubrication program is an important maintenance practice and helps to increase efficiency, reduce down-time, reduce energy consumption, reduce wear rate of equipment, increase productivity, and reduce maintenance costs,” Chad Wilcox, director of engineering services for Pioneer Engineering said. “Pioneer Engineering’s development of an introductory training class that focuses on the fundamentals of oil analysis and proper machine lubrication, gives clients the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of incorporating another proven predicative maintenance tool to their condition monitoring program in order to help increase their equipment and their facility’s long-term reliability.”

The new oil analysis and lubrication services will provide clients a variety of options for tribology services, including the creation of a personalized plant lubrication program, troubleshooting current and ongoing lubrication problems and providing oil sample collection and analysis. Pioneer Engineering’s reliability specialist, Dave Tiffany, is Machine Lubrication Technician II and Machine Lubrication Analyst II certified and offers decades of experience in lubrication and oil analysis to determine lubrication needs are and the services required to help keep customer facilities at peak performance. Dave will also be teaching the “Introduction to Machine Lubrication and Oil Analysis” course that the firm offers in both a public course setting in Fort Collins, Colo., or in a private setting a client’s location.

“Helping our clients identify the right location, the right time, the right type, and the right quantity of lubricant to use for their rotating equipment is just one part of this new service,” said Jessica Dieken, director of marketing and sales. “Because we are working side by side with our clients at their facilities around the world and talking to them one-on-one during our training classes, we are constantly learning firsthand how we can improve our business to make their facilities and operations more reliable and provide them the tools they need to work smarter, not harder. The addition of our new tribology services is testament to our commitment to continually expand and enhance all of our reliability services in order to remain a leader, a true pioneer, in the fields of reliability engineering and vibration analysis.”

For more than a decade, Pioneer Engineering has been a leader in providing vibration analysis and reliability engineering services to industries around the world. Pioneer has been dedicated to sharing our expertise with others, offering a wide variety of public courses that are focused on enhancing and strengthening knowledge and skills in reliability engineering and vibration analysis. For more information about our services, scheduled public courses or to inquire about our private seminars, visit or contact us at

About Pioneer Engineering

Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, Pioneer Engineering is a mechanical engineering firm that specializes in reliability engineering, predictive maintenance and vibration analysis services, mentoring and training. Since its founding in 2000, Pioneer has been committed to making the world’s industries more reliable through professional development opportunities, ongoing education and training and innovative predictive maintenance practices. Pioneer Engineering is dedicated to providing clients with the most innovative and cost effective solutions for their reliability-centered needs while continually contributing to the breadth of knowledge within their field. For additional information about Pioneer Engineering, call 970.266.9005, email, or visit

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