POLARIS LaboratoriesTM can customize test slates specific to a customer’s goals and objectives, but these new troubleshooting packages will identify most common problems, including contamination issues and possible causes for:

- Fuel Filter Plugging
- Smoking
- Loss of Power
- Poor Injector Performance
- Malfunctioning Throttle Position Sensors
- Sticking Valves

Equipment reliability starts with fuel quality. It is important to confirm that bulk tank deliveries meet OEM specifications and cleanliness standards that could affect equipment warranty requirements or violate EPA standards for sulfur and biodiesel content. These test packages also evaluate how well the fuel can be expected to perform under both summer and winter weather conditions. POLARIS’ new fuel test packages include:

- Contamination Package
- Smoking Package
- Filter Plugging Package
- Cleanliness Package
- Wear Prevention Package
- Fuel Quality Package (summer & winter)
- Biodiesel Blends Package

Testing fuel for wear can identify water contamination, excessive particles or issues with lubricity that could affect the performance of fuel system components and eventually lead to premature engine failure.

The biodiesel blends test package addresses water contamination, the presence of bacteria, fungi or mold, and oxidation / oxidation tendencies. This package will also confirm biodiesel content and determine possible reasons for poor cold weather performance. Like petroleum-based diesel, biodiesel can contribute to fuel filter plugging if physical properties are not monitored regularly. Suitability for use is also more of a concern with biodiesel as its natural composition allows for a typical shelf life of only about six months. As degradation begins, a natural breeding ground for biological growth can develop, making regular testing imperative.

Bryan Debshaw, POLARIS LaboratoriesTM CEO, said “These new fuel troubleshooting test packages will help fleet managers reduce problems, decrease downtime and save money.”

About POLARIS LaboratoriesTM

POLARIS LaboratoriesTM provides complete testing and analysis for oils, fuels, coolants and water-based fluids. Its customer base is diverse with a heavy emphasis on the transportation, construction, mining and oil and gas industries. The Indianapolis, IN headquarters serves as primary analysis and customer service support center for labs located in Indianapolis, Houston, TX, Salt Lake City, UT, and Edmonton, AB, Canada. For further information, please see the POLARIS website at www.PolarisLabs.com and/or contact the people listed below.

POLARIS LaboratoriesTM Contact
Jacque Powers, Director of Marketing & Communications
7898 Zionsville Road - Indianapolis, IN 46268
Ph: 317.808.3750, x229 - Fax: 317.808.3751
Email: jpowers@polarislabs.com

Agency Contact
Ron Smith, MarketWise Solutions
599 Industrial Drive, Suite 201 - Carmel, IN 46032
Ph: 317.564.4898 - Fax: 866.458.5404
Email: RonSmith@MarketWiseSolutions.com

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