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POLARIS Laboratories® assists businesses with Quad Z

Quad Z requires most stationary reciprocating internal combustion engines (RICE) to drain and replace their oil after a certain number of operating hours. However, the EPA will defer the drain requirement if fluid analysis shows the oil meets their thresholds for water content, viscosity and acid/base number. Considering the cost of additional downtime, oil and manpower, extending drains via fluid analysis is all but necessary.

POLARIS Laboratories® also provides software solutions to manage Quad Z-applicable equipment. Management reports will remind users about RICE units that need to be sampled and will keep records about Quad Z compliance. A unique e-mail alert will notify users when a fluid exceeds Quad Z thresholds, giving managers time to plan for the maintenance and reduce downtime.

Fluid analysis presents another opportunity – monitoring what is happening inside an engine. If a unit’s oil exceeds the Quad Z rule thresholds, there may be a mechanical or maintenance problem that needs to be fixed. If nothing is done, the unit will begin to degrade the new oil put in it after the mandatory drain. Basic oil analysis tests from POLARIS Laboratories® detect metal wear, coolant contamination, combustion issues, overheating and fuel dilution so businesses can address the source of the problem instead of the symptom.       

For more information about Quad Z and how POLARIS Laboratories® can help RICE operators meet the regulations, visit our Quad Z webpage at

POLARIS Laboratories® is an independent fluid analysis company headquartered in Indianapolis,  Indiana. The company analyzes oil, fuel, coolant and water-based fluids to provide maintenance recommendations that reduce maintenance costs,  improve equipment reliability and minimize unscheduled downtime for companies in the transportation, oil and gas, construction, mining and power generation industries. The North American locations are ISO17025:2005 accredited by A2LA and all seven labs worldwide use the same test methods to ensure consistent results. The company serves more than 165,000 customers in 90 countries directly and through more than 125 private label fluid analysis programs, such as Chevron, Phillips 66,  Ingersoll Rand, MTU and Cummins.

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