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Power Lube Industrial Launches Greasomatic® Automatic Lubricator

Greasomatic’s uniqueness lies in its capacity for seven time settings and blocked line indicator, programmable up to 12 months. It also features a more sophisticated dial than similar products in the industry, without the inconvenience of separate parts. These attributes, along with the fact that it is corrosion proof and suitable for EX environments, make Greasomatic ideal for harsh environment applications.

Greasomatic is powered by a simple chemical reaction. Upon activation, the combination of galvin and electrolyte creates a steady release of hydrogen gas which powers the piston to discharge the grease or oil of your choosing. Each unit is hermetically sealed. A translucent window in the body allows monitoring of the lubricant level eliminating potential waste. With no batteries, electronics, or wiring necessary, Greasomatic is easily programmed with the turn of its dial. It delivers 120cc of lubricant in a controlled, continuous flow over a preselected period.


“Often maintenance departments are asked to do more with less, keeping production levels high with minimal staff. Our automatic lubrication products give them a tool to properly lubricate their equipment preventing unnecessary downtime,” said Donald Schroeder, VP of Operations at Power Lube Industrial. “Power Lube provides a simple solution to this sometimes labor intensive or even dangerous job.”


“Greasomatic has the simple design and operation that you’d expect from a single-use lubricator, and yet has features and performance that rival some reusable lubricators. Its low price point is just ‘icing on the cake’.”

— David D. Crouther, Manager of Direct Sales at Power Lube Industrial


To order or learn more about Greasomatic, visit or contact Power Lube Industrial about distribution opportunities at 1-800-635-8170.


Power Lube Industrial is a company with over 42 years of experience in the self-contained automatic lubricator field. It is the oldest surviving company in the U.S. that began its existence as a marketer of this new lubrication technology.
Working with manufacturing plants of all types, Power Lube Industrial is a trusted partner in the self-contained automatic lubricator industry.

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