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Rapid announces commercial release of RapidOps

RapidOps represents a breakthrough solution designed to eliminate defects through a technology based, disciplined approach to SOC’s and procedures. Users of RapidOps lower their production unit costs through higher reliability, achieved through a reduction in unscheduled down time caused by defects and unplanned maintenance and repair.

RapidOps was developed in conjunction with a major chemical producer dedicated to the proactive capture and elimination of equipment defects.

RapidOps(TM) is an integrated system that features:

- Delivery of SOC’s and procedures to tagged critical process points via handheld device;
- Condition based predictive trending through data capture and analysis - a strong complement to preventive maintenance programs; and
- Consequences of deviation and planned corrective action vs. more costly reactive maintenance and repair.

“This is the first solution of its kind that ties rounds and checklists in the field directly to operating procedures and SOC information while capturing trends for predictive maintenance programs,” commented John Lindsey, Executive Vice President of Rapid. “There is a strong correlation between proactive identification of defects and fewer incidents. In the current economic climate, plant operators need to see investment returns at the high end of the scale and RapidOps is uniquely positioned to deliver.”

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