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Reliability Solutions Rebranding and Idcon Alliance

The new theme is: Reliable Manufacturing
The essence of being able to depend on your manufacturing system to run effectively and efficiently, in response to market demands and without the insurance of inflated inventories ... we do this with an unequivocal knowledge that we will create the best possible product ... at the optimal cost ... that delights our customers, while providing an equitable return for stockholders ... and a viable future with security maintained.”

As part of this redesign Reliability Solutions LLC is also launching a new logo with a tagline slogan “Profitable Results”

The total offerings do not change, but they are displaying them in a way that clarifies their importance to organizations striving for excellence in the essentials of process, equipment and reliability.

Namely, the elements of Reliable Manufacturing
*Asset Condition Assessment ... essential predictive technology skills
*Effective Organizations ... systems, people, methods
*Precision Maintenance ... essential craft skills
*Process Excellence ... essential asset care

In addition, we would like to inform you of an alliance we are undertaking with Idcon Inc., a premier leader aimed at improving overall manufacturing reliability and lowering Manufacturing and Maintenance Costs through implementation of better work processes that many of you are familiar with through their “Current Best Practices” defined work.

For more information check the fully redesigned web site

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