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Reliabilityweb.com to Release New Book About ISO55000 Asset Management

Asset Management

Provides a simple framework and easy-to-understand roadmap for organizations that wish to ensure value from assets


The publication of the ISO55000:2014 Asset Management suite of standards in January 2014 marked a major milestone in the history of the discipline of asset management. Looking for a definitive take on the subject, Reliabilityweb.com recruited world-renowned ISO55000 experts, Rhys Davies and Danielle Humphrey, to create a book focused on the standards.

The book, ISO5500 Asset Management – A Biography, is set to premiere at the International Maintenance Conference 2016 in Bonita Springs, Florida.

ISO55000 represents a convergence of views and perspectives into a single global interpretation of asset management and the associated requirements for a management system for asset management. Currently, there are many places where asset management enthusiasts can get the general outline of ISO55000. What sets this book apart is that the authors took a more holistic view of the standards to put them in context and more importantly, explain why the requirements are important.

“It is often the case with standards that it is not always obvious why they set requirements, so we have tried to address that in this book,” said Rhys Davies, co-author of the book.

ISO55000 Asset Management – A Biography has been produced to accompany the ISO55000 suite of standards. While many might be expecting a by-the-numbers overview, the authors purposefully avoided that to provide something deeper. The book helps explain the origin of the standards that give them credibility, but it also talks to the main stories and themes that the standards describe. This is how the work provides context and helps make them real, which in turn makes them more useful for the people implementing them.

“Rhys and Danielle have provided excellent clarity and simplicity on what is a highly complex topic,” stated Terrence O’Hanlon, CEO and Publisher at Reliabilityweb.com. “The book also serves as a deeper information resource mapped to the new Asset Management Knowledge Domain in the Uptime Elements Reliability Framework and Asset Management System. We have high hopes that the book will create increased adoption of the ISO55001 standard around the world.”

A better understanding of the context surrounding the standards is also important because practitioners will be able to implement with a view of improving their organizational capabilities, instead of simply just making their organization compliant.

“A management system framework provides the glue that helps bring all the Uptime Elements together and works to deliver value for the organization,” said Davies. “Wouldn’t it be great if we better understood how these things all fit together?”

The unique perspective offered in this book will be of interest to anyone looking to improve their asset management. You can get the first look at the book at the International Maintenance Conference 2016 in Bonita Springs, Florida. Otherwise, the book will be available to purchase at https://reliabilityweb.com/bookstore or at http://www.amazon.com.