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Reliable Manufacturing adds dates to popular Operations Excellence Master Class series

The Master Class, jointly led by Andrew Fraser, Managing Director of Reliable Manufacturing, and principal consultant Ron Moore, explores the strategies and practices central to some of the world’s top manufacturing and distribution companies. Through the use of thought-provoking case studies, attendees gain insight into how the world’s best operations achieve maximum production capacity and receive practical advice on how to create and sustain a culture of reliability and operations excellence in their own organisations.


“With potential savings of millions of pounds, the business case for establishing reliability as a core value is a strong one,” explains Fraser. “The Master Class will demonstrate how incorporating reliability as part of the day-to-day running of the business will not only improve production capacity, quality and minimise costs, but also help achieve safety goals. A reliable plant reduces the need for reactive maintenance, cuts the number of injuries and creates a safer work environment; in short a reliable plant is a safe plant, is a cost efficient plant.”


                   Andrew Fraser

The additional Master Classes have been announced following increased levels of demand and positive feedback from delegates, like this from John Brady, Infrastructure Supervisor at SembCorp: “The highlight of the class for me was the enthusiasm, professionalism and inspiration of the presenters. Ron and Andrew are clearly very knowledgeable and experienced; they both have credibility and passion for the subject”, comments

“It was natural to not only host additional Master Classes, but to also introduce them to new locations. We are doing a lot of work in the petrochemical sector at the moment and seeing increased interest from oil and gas companies, seeking ways in which to improve reliability so Aberdeen, was an obvious choice”, explains Fraser, who has over 30 years’ experience in maintenance, operations and change management roles. Co-host Ron Moore is an internationally recognised authority on reliability and operations excellence and a published author on the subject.

“While the prospect of reducing costs and simultaneously driving business efficiency may seem a challenge, the Master Class will demonstrate how value can be delivered not through cost-cutting but by equipping leadership, aligning functions and engaging employees’ creativity as part of the change process,” concludes Fraser.

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