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All results (including the table listed below) show that the magnetic filtration / separation products decreased both the ferrous and non-ferrous contamination. All trials showed a marked improvement in the ISO oil cleanliness levels and dramatic reductions in PQ Index (a measure of particles > 8 micron).

These trial results are in alignment with Rio Tinto’s HCM initiatives in terms of oil and fuel cleanliness.

The benefits of the One Eye Industries magnetic filtration / separation products are:

1. Re-usable Technology - Easy to clean with 10 years+ service life. No replacement parts used.

2. Minimal Flow Restriction - Can be used on gravity return lines, no oil pump required, can be installed in conjunction with other filtration systems without adding additional flow restriction. Has negligible energy costs compared to other filtration systems.

3. Easy Visual Inspection - Trapped debris can be sent away for analysis. Early predictor of eminent failures.

4. Extends fluid life - Extends the life of fuel and lubricants by reducing the effects of oil oxidation via the removal of ferrous debris.

5. Positive Return on Investment - One Eye Industries magnetic filtration / separation products delivers a significantly lower Total Life Cycle cost as compared to other filtration systems that use replacement elements or have high maintenance costs due to cleaning.

6. Environmentally Friendly & HSE compliant - The magnetic filters will reduce the number of conventional filters purchased and the disposal / treatment costs of used oil. The product is safe to use and is supplied with instructions for the proper use, handling and storage.

7. Component Life Extension- Based on ISO cleanliness levels and theoretical life calculations and proven by field tests, One Eye Industries magnetic filtration / separation equipment can deliver life extensions from 1.5 times and as much as 3 times. This has been achieved in some of the trials already completed within the group.

The table below represents the results from a field test and shows the actual life extensions achieved. The One Eye magnetic filters removed the ferrous particles.

The oil cleanliness level dropped from 21/17 to 18/15 and has kept improving. Thisequates to a 25% reduction in the maintenance spend per unit and a correlated increase in available machine up-time and production output.

Based on the information and results obtained from these trials, it is recommended that One Eye Industries magnetic separators are used in applications throughout Rio Tinto fixed and mobile assets, particularly those that generate high levels of ferrous wear metals like gearboxes, as well as applications where high levels of debris and wear metals can have a detrimental effect on system components, like hydraulic systems and fuel systems.

The trial results have clearly shown that these products add immediate value, with the major benefit of keeping fuel and lubricants at the desired cleanliness levels. This in turn optimizes component life extension, which is a key deliverable for the group Asset Management and HCM strategy.

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