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Shell LubeExpert Service Helps Customers Meet Tough Lubricant Challenges

Critical applications and challenging lubrication problems sometimes require special help.  The Shell LubeExpert technical consultation service is available to industrial customers who want a higher level of technical support for specialty applications, product support and inspection services.  Through the Shell LubeExpert service, Shell Lubricants can offer value to customers by providing sector- and application-specific knowledge.

Technical advisors and product application specialists from Shell Lubricants work directly with customers through the Shell LubeExpert service on critical applications and challenging lubrication issues to help a customer’s equipment run smoothly and efficiently.

“Technical capability and customer collaboration help us develop inspired, practical solutions to meet some of our customers’ toughest challenges,” said Walt Silveira, North American technical manager, Shell Lubricants. “Through the Shell LubeExpert service, our specialists offer world-class technology and application-specific knowledge to help our customers improve their operational efficiency.” 

Specialists for Shell Lubricants work on-site with customers to solve maintenance and production issues, helping to improve lubrication practices.  The Shell LubeExpert service provides various technical services, including leak detection, open gear inspection, application support on turbines, food grade lubricant advice, mining sector support services and more. 

The Shell LubeExpert service can offer cost savings for customers.  One leading United States-based steel producer used the Shell LubeExpert service to help maximize operational efficiencies and reduce its lube oil consumption per ton of steel produced in its back-up roll bearings and gear systems. 

Specialists from Shell Lubricants implemented the Shell LubeExpert leak detection system, which is designed to help minimize leaks in large circulating-oil and hydraulic-oil systems.  Following extensive analysis in six separate areas across two integrated steel mills, technicians from Shell Lubricants presented the customer with a detailed report supported with photographs and oil-loss calculations. By minimizing leaks in six major systems, the Shell LubeExpert team helped the customer achieve overall cost savings.*

Shell LubeExpert is one of the many value-added services that Shell Lubricants offers in its portfolio of services. Other services include Shell LubeAnalyst, Shell LubeAdvisor, Shell LubePlanner, Shell LubeCoach and Shell LubeVideoCheck. These services leverage Shell Lubricants’ application expertise to put its world-class technology to work for customers.

For more information, visit www.shell.com/us/lubricants.

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