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Shell Lubricants Introduces Tellus EE; Reduces Hydraulic System Energy Consumption by up to 8%

Shell Tellus EE is Shell’s first hydraulic fluid that has been specifically designed to help improve the energy efficiency of the machinery in which it is used. The fluid contains a unique and patented additive technology, and has undergone extensive laboratory tests and field trials which have demonstrated its ability to help improve a machine’s energy efficiency. With hydraulics being at the core of many production processes, Shell Tellus EE has the potential to contribute to the goal of reducing an organisation’s energy costs.

Comments Guru Gurumurthy, Shell Lubricants’ Global Hydraulic Oils Marketing Manager: “Energy costs, which continue to rise, represent a significant part of an industrial organisation’s operating overheads. As a result, investing in a hydraulic lubricant designed to improve the energy efficiency of the machinery in which it is used makes good sense from a commercial perspective.”

Shell Tellus EE has been formulated to help hydraulic systems transmit power as efficiently as possible. This includes paying particular attention to the lubricant’s viscosity: too thick and extra energy is required to move parts, too thin and parts come into contact leading to excessive wear and the resulting component replacement and downtime costs. The density of the lubricant is also important and Shell Tellus EE has been designed to retain an optimal density to help transmit rather than absorb power. In addition, Shell Tellus EE benefits from low friction properties through the careful selection of base oil and additive formulation.

Says Richard Dixon, Shell Lubricants’ Technology Manager - Hydraulic Oils: “When developing Shell Tellus EE, it was essential that this lubricant’s ability to contribute towards a machine’s energy efficiency was combined with the high performance characteristics expected from a Shell Tellus product. As a result, Shell Tellus EE has been formulated to provide excellent wear protection, oxidation resistance, filterability and hydrolytic stability. This means that customers who use Shell Tellus EE could potentially benefit not only from reduced energy consumption but also increased maintenance intervals, longer component life and reduced downtime.”

The launch of Shell Tellus EE is part of a long-term commitment by Shell to developing lubricants that will help to tackle today’s global energy challenges. Shell Tellus EE is not yet available in the U.S.

* - Improvements in energy efficiency will vary depending upon the application, operating conditions, current product being used, the condition of the equipment and maintenance practices being adopted.

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