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Spin-off of iBL from Allied Reliability Group to Eruditio, LLC

“The iBL applied learning process and the real world examples from over 100 students will continue to build an unrivaled educational experience fostered by a fully-dedicated focus from the Eruditio Team,” explains Shon Isenhour, Partner at Eruditio, of iBL’s unique positioning.

Unfortunately, ARG’s ability to focus resources on this dynamic product has been limited. As a result, ARG has resolved to spin off iBL as an independent business – outside of the Allied Reliability Group structure. ARG leadership has worked hand-in-hand with Shon Isenhour and Darrin Wikoff (formerly of ARG) to license the iBL brand and continue to deliver iBL as part of their own company, Eruditio, LLC.

“We are extremely excited about the spin-off,” comments John Schultz, Partner at Allied Reliability Group. “ARG was founded on an entrepreneurial spirit – now we can continue that history by allowing those most passionate and invested in iBL to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.”

The framework of this transition creates distinct advantages for ARG, Eruditio, and our clients. “The partnership with Eruditio allows us to continue to offer iBL to our customers with continuing confidence that they will deliver ever increasing value that is aligned to ARG’s Mission Statement,” adds Schultz.

“Eruditio is looking forward to continuing the focus on application-based learning and generating documented return on investment for our clients. Having the depth of ARG to support our clients when needed delivers a one stop solution,” says Darrin Wikoff, Partner at Eruditio, of the partnership’s future.


About Eruditio, LLC

Eruditio, LLC is made up of a team of educators with over 40 years of experience in adult education and training in corporate America as well as globally. Our team is focused on helping you solve your company’s issues through project-based learning.

About Allied Reliability Group

Allied Reliability Group offers best-in-industry maintenance, reliability, and operational consulting and services, training, staffing, and integrated software solutions servicing the industrial and manufacturing sector.

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