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TPC Trainco Launches New “Virtual Classroom” Training on Industrial Maintenance Management

TPC’s instructor-led training division, TPC Trainco, introduces Live Online training, a new way to experience live maintenance training.

Buffalo Grove, IL -- August 23, 2016

TPC Trainco, a division of TPC Training Systems, has been the leader in instructor-led maintenance training for more than a decade, with more than 2,000 local and on-site classes conducted each year. The brand is now bringing its instructor-led expertise to online training with its industry-first Live Online courses.

Live Online courses combine the personalized attention and real-world problem-solving of traditional live courses with the convenience and cost savings of online training. Each maintenance management seminar is accessed via the GoToTraining online platform, giving instructors and students interactive learning tools designed around an in-person classroom experience.

Students interact with the live online seminars similarly to TPC Trainco’s industry-leading in-person seminars. Each course is administered by a TPC veteran instructor and, similar to the classroom, students and instructors have the ability to engage with each other directly. Students are also able to learn using the same course materials used in traditional classrooms, including workbooks and reference guides.

“A Live Online seminar isn’t a one-size-fits-all Powerpoint presentation — it’s an energetic, dynamic virtual classroom designed to keep students engaged while making it easier than ever for them to return to the workplace and apply what they’ve learned,” said Andrew Kauser, CEO of TPC Training Systems.

Live Online seminars also offer trainees innovative opportunities to interact with course content that improve on interactivity in a large classroom. TPC’s Live Online seminars use instant polls to help guide the discussion based on student needs and quick quizzes to reinforce the material and help student retention. Virtual breakout sessions also allow for organized exercises focused on applying the material.

Students can currently register for, “Arc Flash Electrical Safety,” 2017 National Electrical Code®,” “Maintenance Planning” and Predictive Maintenance” Live Online seminars through TPC’ Trainco’s GoToTraining course library. Due to the success of the new online seminar, TPC plans to schedule additional courses later this year for topics that are in development.

TPC Trainco is the instructor-led training division of TPC Training Systems and leader in instructor-led training for maintenance personnel in industrial plants and commercial facilities. TPC conducts more than 2,000 training seminars each year on electrical, HVAC, mechanical, and maintenance management topics.

For more information on TPC’s new live online seminar training and upcoming public seminars, please visit us at or call 847.808.4000.

About TPC Training Systems: TPC Trainco is a privately held company with headquarters in Buffalo Grove, IL. As part of Telemedia, LLC, the company offers a complete portfolio of training methods, including online, classroom, and on-the-job. The company has helped more than 40,000 client sites globally to train over 3.5 million skilled workers.

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