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Trico Introduces Sensei® OLEX Real-Time Lubrication Intelligence System

Wireless monitoring technology can help manufacturers save time, maximize equipment uptime through data-driven maintenance.

Pewaukee, WI — Trico Corporation, a leading provider of lubrication management solutions, introduces Sensei® OLEX, a real-time lubrication system that is rated for use in hazardous locations.

Sensei is installed on industrial equipment to wirelessly transmit oil level and ambient air temperature to a customizable, web-based dashboard. As a result, users gain real-time input on equipment status and necessary maintenance requirements. Sensei can:

  • Reduce inspection time from hours to minutes per week.
  • Reduce requirements for personnel to visit difficult or dangerous-to-access areas.
  • Help avoid downtime by providing alerts and warnings.
  • Enable organization to operate more efficiently by performing proactive, data-driven maintenance

Sensei uses sensors that are designed to accompany Trico’s line of Opto-Matic Constant Level Oilers. Pumps, motors, gearboxes, fans, blower, and other equipment use constant level oilers to maintain a consistent fluid level.

Industrial applications include those in petrochemical, chemical processing, primary metals, pulp and paper, food and beverage, power generation, water management, mining, and other industries. Maintenance managers, directors of operations, facility managers, lubrication technicians, millwrights and reliability engineers in these industries stand to gain valuable insights from Sensei’s real-time monitoring capability.

The System

The system includes three components:

  1. The Sensei Oil Leveling Device that includes sensors to measure oil level, oil consumption and ambient temperature.
  2. The Sensei Gateway that securely receive data and transmits it to the cloud. Repeaters (as needed) allow expansion of the network up to 200 device per gateway and up to 250 feet.
  3. Intelligence via an intuitive, web-based dashboard for real-time monitoring (there is no need to install software). The dashboard includes graphic displays of oil level and temperature by device, daily alerts, trending information, and more.

Interested companies can request access to a simulated Sensei dashboard that illustrates available information and configurability. For more information on Sensei visit –

About Trico

Trico Corporation is a total lubrication management service and products company that focuses on increasing industrial asset performance and reliability. The company offers assessments for lubrication management programs, equipment audits, oil analysis, training, and a complete line of products. Founded in 1917, Trico’s mission is to protect and extend the life of critical equipment, providing customers with peace of mind through machines that run more productively. Principal offices are in Pewaukee, WI, and Cleveland, OH. For more information, visit

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