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The online assessment is a self guided survey that can be completed at any time, at your convenience. The tool enables companies to identify areas of improvement within their existing program or benchmark lubrication practices at one plant or compare results corporate wide at all plants. Trico’s Online Assessment is a convenient way to evaluate your plant on the 12 key areas of Lubrication Management Best Practices including:

• Standards, consolidation and procurement
• Lubricant storage and handling
• Oil sampling techniques
• Contamination control (exclusion and removal)
• Training, skill standards and qualifications
• Lubricant analysis
• Lubrication and re-lubrication practices
• Program management
• Procedures and guidelines
• Program goals and key performance indicators
• Safety practices
• Continuous improvement

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“Clients are looking for ways to make an instant impact in their lubrication initiatives, and a self-paced survey allows them to assess their program online, at their own convenience,” says Jason Kopschinsky, Reliability Services Manager of Trico Corporation.

Trico creates an individualized, detailed written report along with a visual scorecard summarizing opportunities for immediate improvement in key areas compared to existing practices and conditions based on the information provided in the survey. Each assessment report concludes with an Executive Summary that specifies target areas for most rapid return on investment, and details next steps that (if implemented) will reenergize a lubrication management program to peak-performance.

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Trico Corporation is a leader in total lubrication management services and products that focus on increasing industrial asset performance and reliability. The company offers assessments for lubrication management programs, equipment audits, training, and a complete line of high-performance lubrication products. Trico’s mission is to build industrial lubrication customers for life and be the worldwide leader in lubrication management solutions.

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