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Whitmore Announces Acquisition of Fluid Defense Systems, LLC

Rockwall, Texas, – The Whitmore Manufacturing Company, a leading provider of   innovative products and services which increase the reliability and lifespan of mission critical operating   equipment, announced today the acquisition of Fluid Defense Systems, LLC., a manufacturer of fully   integrated lubricant storage and handling solutions for industry.

Since 2001, Fluid Defense has grown to become the recognized standard in lubricant handling and   contamination control for industries ranging from food and beverage production to industrial   manufacturing, power generation and mining.

The OilSafe® lubrication management system provides a   customizable, intuitive fluid identification environment designed to improve lubricant cleanliness and   avoid cross-contamination.    “We are very excited about this acquisition, which enables us to offer a far broader portfolio of best-in- class products to the fast growing reliability market. Fluid Defense has an outstanding reputation for   producing intuitive systems that create immediate value for their customers. The synergy between the   OilSafe® system and our Air Sentry® branded products is tremendous.

Whitmore now offers a more compelling   product line that provides us with a great platform to build on organically and through future   acquisitions,” said Scott Dunbar, Vice President of Filtration and Protective Coatings at Whitmore.    “As a manufacturer of specialty lubricants, Whitmore has been helping customers improve their   lubrication practices for more than 120 years. Research has shown that improper lubrication is   responsible for the majority of equipment failures. By providing customers with innovative reliability   solutions, we help them increase equipment productivity and uptime while reducing their capital   investments,” added Jeff Kilpatrick, President and CEO of Whitmore.

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