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Bringing Predictive Maintenance into the Boardroom
Bringing Predictive Maintenance into the Boardroom

Fabrice Brion - SpeakerCEO/FounderI-care Group
"You cannot manage without measuring and only what gets measured gets implemented. Measurement is the antidote to ambiguity; it forces us to be clear on vague concepts and it obliges us to act"- William Thomson Kelvin Predictive maintenance is one of the most exciting areas of Industry 4.0. Applying digital systems to prevent or reduce unplanned failures has the potential to save a lot of money for industrial businesses over the long term.With almost two decades of experience in the field of predictive maintenance, Fabrice has witnessed some seismic changes. The first industrial revolution was steam, the second was electrical power, the third was digital, and the fourth one which we are living through right now is the application of data over the internet. Back in 2004, many maintenance organizations hadn’t even caught up with Industry 3.0, let alone 4.0. It is unthinkable these days to have a maintenance program without applying some form of IT. In 20 years’ time, it will be the same with Industry 4.0 - it will be unthinkable that maintenance programs will run without connected data systems. At the moment, there are a growing number of industrial assets that come equipped with Industry 4.0 solutions and an increasing number of companies that offer digital maintenance services.In this session, we will discuss:· What digitization methods should plant managers focus on.· Why predictive maintenance is the first way to measure maintenance efficiency in real time.· How to get ahead of the game and be an early adopter of Industry 4.0 predictive maintenance techniques.
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