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SDI Launches Partnership with Net Results Group to Enhance MRO as-a-Service Offering


SDI, the leader in digital supply chain solutions and services, has announced a new partnership with Net Results Group, a leader specializing in MRO master data management. The strategic partnership will further improve SDI’s already robust MRO and Storeroom technology offerings. The partnership underscores the increasing importance of digital transformation in navigating today’s complex supply chain environment. As businesses look for collaborative solutions to address plant maintenance challenges, this partnership will leverage SDI's capabilities and Net Results Group's expertise in master data management to deliver a comprehensive suite of tools and benefits.

With 69% of maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) SKUs never used, and maintenance techs spending 25% of their time just looking for parts, the need to improve financial and operational results through MRO materials management has never been more pressing. Net Results Group's cloud-based MRO3i solution comes equipped with a robust suite of tools and capabilities, including auto data cleansing and enrichment, auto-deduplication, access to a master database of over 1 million validated MRO items, and more.

“Two compelling forces drove both companies to formalize this partnership; increased customer demand for enterprise-level solutions that can only be delivered in concert with partners and enterprise engagements that demand specific MRO expertise,” commented Lance Gilbert, Managing Partner, Net Results Group.

He added, “We understand the value of our strategic partners’ critical role in delivering high-quality solutions to joint customers around the world. The agreement with SDI reinforces our commitment to working closely with partners to deliver additional value to their customers and energize our Partners’ sales opportunities with our solutions that directly impact their customer's bottom line.”

SDI’s solutions are designed to drive improvements in the traditional MRO supply chains, providing organizations with a connected ecosystem and end-to-end visibility. Empowering procurement and plant maintenance organizations with real-time data and analytics in a traditionally siloed and decentralized environment leads to more resilient and agile supply chains.

“At SDI, we’re continually looking to the market for innovative solutions to provide our customers with the best tools available, and that’s what we’ve found in the Net Results Group,” commented Jerome Blanc, VP of International Operations at SDI. “NRG’s cloud-based MRO3i solution further ensures everyone from the plant manager to shop floor personnel have the right parts and quantity, at the right time and the right price to reduce equipment downtime and improve asset reliability. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to continuous innovation in meeting the ever-evolving needs of our clients.”

This partnership reinforces SDI's commitment to aligning capabilities with the new realities of supply chain while building deeper alliances within the ecosystem of suppliers, technology providers, academia/research, consultants, and clients to shape the future of supply chain for a better world. By leveraging NRG's expertise in MRO master data management and SDI's 50+ years of experience in MRO supply chain management processes and technological infrastructure, clients can achieve greater control and visibility over asset component management and storeroom operations, resulting in smarter inventories, lower costs, and more reliable production assets/equipment.

About SDI

SDI is a supply chain solutions and services company that specializes in helping large, multi- site facilities and plant maintenance leaders reduce costs and risks while driving overall performance results and outcomes. Over SDI's more than 50 years of experience, the Company has helped hundreds of organizations align and integrate their parts supply chain with their FM and EAM strategies to drive improvements in KPIs such as first call completion, mean time to repair, and wrench time.The company’s service offering is further enhanced by their ZEUS Digital Supply Chain Management platform which includes the mobile apps -- ZEUS Ordering, ZEUS Materials Management, PPE As-A-Service and ZEUS Integrated Parts Management (IPM) -- available on the Apple Store. SDI's digital supply chain solutions coordinate and align with overall facilities management, enterprise risk management, and reliability strategies. Lower costs, smarter inventories and more reliable facilities are all natural results from a more connected supply chain. To learn more visit: or contact

About Net Results Group

Net Results Group, LLC is a technology-focused software and services firm with a comprehensive offering for significantly improving MRO master data. The firm’s unique combination of asset expertise, reliability services and tools – including its cloud-based MRO3i™ technology suite – helps asset-intensive organizations make intelligent use of their data. For more information, visit

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