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Senior Engineering Associate - Civil

City of Portland
Portland, Oregon

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Are you a passionate about protecting the environment and applying your skills and background to have a real impact in the community? Are you a collaborative team player who enjoys working with a diverse group of people? Are you a detail-oriented individual who enjoys using your skills to a variety of different complex and interesting problems? You may be the Senior Engineering Associate - Civil we are seeking!

The City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) is currently seeking candidates for a three (3) Senior Engineering Associates – Civil positions. Two (2) positions support the bureau’s wastewater treatment and pumping systems division (TPSD) and one (1) position supports the Wastewater Treatment & Vertical Asset Risk Analysis team within the Risk Assessment Division.

1. Treatment and Pumping Systems Division (TPSD) positions:
TPSD is located at the Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant and provides engineering services for projects at approximately 100 wastewater pump stations and associated force mains throughout the city, as well as projects at the Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Tryon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The successful TPSD candidates will serve as design manager and/or project manager for one of two teams:

  • Pumping System Improvement Program: Complex Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) related to pump stations, force mains, and wastewater treatment.
  • Wastewater Treatment Design Program: Stand-alone, large treatment CIP projects that rehabilitate, replace, and expand the treatment process related equipment and infrastructure in the City’s wastewater treatment plants.
These positions will directly provide civil engineering support and technical analysis for improvements to the bureau's wastewater pumping system and treatment plant assets. The positions may oversee the work of technicians and/or oversee and coordinate the work of consultants, along with providing engineering support to BES’ Operations and Maintenance Group (O&MG) staff. Additional duties include: perform design work under the supervision of professional engineers; manage projects to meet goals and objectives that includes working with project stakeholders; lead tasks for civil engineering support for CIP projects; operate computers to input or obtain data, analyze data, make calculations, prepare reports, maintain data files; prepare written correspondence, technical reports.

The BES Capital Improvement Program delivers approximately $150 million annually in asset improvements to sanitary, stormwater, treatment, and surface water systems. The work in TPSD is growing significantly over the next five to ten years and there are multiple challenging programs and projects underway, along with an increasing trend of urgent/emergency projects. TPSD works closely with staff in wastewater treatment plant operations and maintenance, condition assessment, safety/risk assessment, integrated planning, project management office, and construction inspection and management.

What you’ll get to do in BES’ TPSD workgroup:

  • Review, coordinate, and develop engineering calculations, plans, specifications, and drawings for pump station, forcemain, and wastewater treatment CIP projects;
  • Lead both in-house design projects and consultant designed projects
  • Oversee, coordinate, and review the work of professional and technical staff, consultants, and contractors;
  • Manage projects from the planning and development phase, through design, construction, and commissioning;
  • Plan and lead field investigations to evaluate the performance and operations of wastewater pumping and treatment systems;
  • Analyze pumping systems and related subsystems for adequacy to provide the required level of service;
  • Provide technical guidance, assistance and training to professional and technical staff to ensure compliance with applicable standards of practice and bureau specific guidance related to wastewater pumping systems, force mains, and wastewater treatment processes;
  • Assist project managers in the development of wastewater pumping systems and treatment engineering specific tasks, language, and deliverables to be included in consulting contract requests for proposals or task orders, and scopes of work;
  • Review submittals during construction, and support construction managers during the construction phase of projects;
  • Perform the duties of engineer of record for elements of assigned projects;
  • Work on a variety of complex and interesting projects associated with wastewater treatment and pumping.
  • These positions will directly provide civil engineering and technical analysis for intermediate to complex projects to rehabilitate, modify, or replace the bureau's wastewater treatment plant and pumping system assets.
  • Collaborate to ensure on-going operations and maintenance needs at the wastewater treatment plants and pump stations are occurring.
  • Serve as Project Manager/Design Manager on civil engineering-focused elements of treatment plant or pump station capital projects.
2. Risk Assessment Division (RAD) position:
RAD is located at the Portland Building in Downtown Portland and applies asset management principles and practices to assess risks to BES services. We use this knowledge to inform integrated solutions that mitigate risk while optimizing opportunities and community benefits.

The Risk Assessment Division is composed of the following teams: Systems Analysis & Modeling Support, Wastewater Treatment & Vertical Asset Risk Analysis, and Stormwater, Natural & Linear Asset Risk Analysis Sections. These Sections work together to provide the Bureau with capital delivery analysis support, current and future comprehensive risk profiles, and analyzes trends in risk to inform Portfolio Management and BES leadership of emerging priorities to ensure sustainability of operations. The RAD collaborates closely with BES’ other Groups and extensively within its own Group, especially Engineering Services, Operations & Maintenance and Priority Area Planning, Regulatory Services and Research, Asset Management and Portfolio Management.

The successful RAD candidate will provide expertise and support to the Wastewater Treatment & Vertical Asset Risk Analysis team. This team provides oversight, management, and delivery of infrastructure investment recommendations for BES wastewater treatment, pump stations and forcemains to meet current and future levels of service. This position provides support to, and may lead components of, the monitoring and management of risks to service delivery from wastewater treatment, pump stations and forcemains and supports the development of management strategy recommendations to ensure continued service delivery. For this position, the successful candidate will also have experience in hydrologic and hydraulic analysis to inform sizing and maintenance of wastewater treatment and pumping systems.

What you’ll get to do in BES’ RAD workgroup:

  • Apply asset management principles to identify priorities and quantify risks for wastewater treatment services, pump stations and forcemains.
  • Evaluate the relationship between levels of service and life cycle costs and manage a business process that finds the optimum balance between capital and operating expenditures, risk management, NPDES Permit compliance, and level of service.
  • Support the on-going maintenance and maturation of the pump station and forcemain asset management plans and underlying risk assessments. Contribute to the development of an asset management plan for wastewater treatment services.
  • Develop and maintain excellent working relationships across key work groups in the Bureau, including those necessary for inputs and customers of risk assessment deliverables.
  • Contribute to the development of long-term vertical asset re-investment needs for capital and operating programs to inform bureau-wide strategic investments, particularly focused on wastewater treatment services, pump stations and forcemains.
  • Support the development of recommended expenditures and investments that reduce the City’s risk profile and advance equity for wastewater treatment services, pump stations and forcemains.
  • Support development of reporting on wastewater treatment services, pump station and forcemain asset performance and costs and seek input on performance from stakeholders, including on key individual projects and programs.
  • Provide analytical support to wastewater treatment, pump station and forcemain planning teams in the characterization and analysis of solution options and the development of integrated plans which incorporate capital, operations and maintenance, policy, and programmatic solutions.
  • Support the Identification, prioritization, and monitoring of wastewater treatment service, pump station and forcemain assets that are critical to meeting service levels in close coordination with peers in BES’ Operations & Maintenance Group.

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